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HP Tackling Future IT Demands Head-On Through New Products and Services

In an effort to take a proactive stance and tackle ever-evolving IT demands, the team with HP recently announced the launch of the Integrity Superdome X and the Integrity NonStop X servers, both of which are expected to bolster profitability on behalf of their customers. The announcement was made at the HP Discover conference, which was held in Barcelona. Recorded sessions of the conference are available online.

More specifically, both Superdome X and NonStop X are meant to facilitate the deployment of mission-critical assignments within an environment that promotes scalability, accessibility and cost efficiency. Furthermore, HP’s Superdome X is already setup to run on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014.

Alan Hyde, vice president and general manager of HP South Pacific’s Enterprise Group, spoke enthusiastically about HP’s latest announcement. He was quoted as saying: “The new style of IT requires organizations to have a technology infrastructure in place that drives innovation and business outcomes. Today, HP is bringing to market innovations across our enterprise portfolio that will enable our customers to capture new possibilities for profitability and growth, while reducing data center costs and risk.”

HP also released an official statement on the matter, which reads: “With a large memory footprint and high-availability features, including hard partitioning that is 20 times more reliable than soft partitions, HP Integrity Superdome X is also an excellent fit for in-memory computing applications that require the greatest levels of flexibility for the most stringent service-level agreements.”

Although it runs on an x86-based architecture, the HP Integrity Superdome X is capable of achieving speeds up to four times faster than comparable x86-based solutions that are in use today. It also boasts a 60% reduction in hardware downtime as well as a 32% lower total cost of ownership when compared to UNIX-based server environments.

HP’s Integrity NonStop X is a highly fault-tolerant environment that is meant to maintain even the most stringent of uptime SLAs. With a vast increase in interconnect capacity and twice the CPU density within an individual enclosure lets data centers reduce their overall footprint as well as their day-to-day operational costs.

Moreover, HP’s new servers are able to take full advantage of Microsoft’s in-memory OLTP engine feature, which is included in SQL Server 2014. This helps improve memory usage and allocation more than ever before.

The official announcement also included some commentary from the team with Microsoft SQL server, which read: “The new in-memory OLTP engine can improve transaction throughput by up to 30x, and significantly improve concurrency in parallel by running memory optimized tables and store procedures directly in-memory. In addition, SQL Server 2014 offers an enhanced in-memory ColumnStore that offers up 100x faster queries with much higher data compression.”

For more information on HP, including further details on the Integrity Superdome X or the Integrity NonStop X, interested parties can visit their official website at You’ll also find a comprehensive product catalog, online technical support, partnership information, reseller listings and even a company blog.


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