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HP and Windstream To Offer Joint Cloud Solutions

A leader provider of managed services, including networking, cloud computing and data center functionality, the team with Windstream is no stranger to advanced IT concepts of today. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how they are able to complement the experts at HP through the PartnerOne Program. Both Windstream and HP are hoping that the new partnership will help to expand their reach regarding cloud computing and data storage.

Chuck Adams, sales director and cloud business development specialist with HP Service Provider Sales, spoke about the primary reason behind the recent joint venture. He was quoted as saying: “"As IT departments need to increasingly off-load routine tasks and better predict expenses, they need a new style of computing. Windstream's IT-as-a-Service provides our joint customers with robust, cost-effective managed-cloud services, freeing their IT departments to focus on business-critical tasks. Additionally, our customers can easily accommodate changing demands while paying only for the resources they use.”

According to the initial press release, which was delivered in August of 2015, the partnership is expected to provide three main benefits to HP customers. These primary features all revolve around cloud-based technology or data archival. More importantly, they give HP customers more freedom and flexibility when it comes to designing their network architecture.

For starters, HP customers will benefit from access to HP’s private cloud for data storage. They will also be able to utilize HP 3PAR storage functionality as needed, thereby giving them multiple options for data storage, backup and archival.

Secondly, Windstream is able to facilitate the utilization of backup-as-a-service, which lets HP users enjoy fully automated data backup. Moreover, Windstream’s backup-as-a-service offering also includes systems for business continuity and recovery.

The new partnership between HP and Windstream also provides replication-as-a-service, which is meant to automate the storage of mission-critical data. Windstream’s replication-as-a-service also includes database survivability.

Finally, HP and Windstream are certain that their joint venture will result in an increased customer base in the long run. Given the reputations of both companies, this is definitely a strong possibility.

Rob Carter, vice president of data center marketing for Windstream, talked about the new partnership in the initial press release, where he was quoted as saying: HP's PartnerOne program will bring HP product innovation and R&D investment, enabling us to deliver better solutions to our customers. We have successfully partnered with HP on individual projects in the past, but solidifying a formal relationship the HP PartnerOne program will drive even greater success across our combined footprint and both sales organizations. Our cloud solutions portfolio, utilizing HP technologies, including HP Helion, showcases this best-in-class partnership and expands HP success within the cloud marketplace.

About Windstream

A Fortune 500 company, Windstream provides a number of IT solutions, including network communications, cloud computing and other managed services. Moreover, they also offer services such as broadband Internet, telephone communications and television services to limited areas. To find out more information about Windstream, including any of their products, services or recent news, please visit their official website at


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