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Introducing the HPE Primera and Secure Edge Data Center for Azure Stack

Originally announced at the HPE Discover 2019 event, which took place in June 2019, the HPE Primera and Secure Edge Data Center for Microsoft Azure Stack marks the "dawn of the intelligence era" for the HPE brand as a whole.

What is HPE Primera?

With a guarantee of 100% data availability, a 20-minute self-installation process and a five-minute upgrade process for new updates and features, Primera is being touted as "mission-critical storage" for businesses and enterprises of all kinds. The 100% availability claim is backed up by a 20% credit on future upgrades and services from HPE.

Phil Davis, president of hybrid IT business and chief sales officer with HPE, spoke about the need for increased versatility in the business model by saying: ''"Larger enterprise customers continue to go as a service, but also have on-premises. We will have right-sized offerings for midmarket and the lower end of the enterprise. Large enterprises have access to data centers, but smaller companies don't."''

What is Secure Edge Data Center?

But Primera wasn't the only thing unveiled at HPE Discover 2019. In fact, depending on who you ask, it might not even be the most exciting announcement at the event. This merit, according to many, goes to the Secure Edge Data Center.

Available in sizes that start with a form factor of 800x1200x2250 mm, the Secure Edge Data Center offers many benefits, include:

- A turnkey solution that is fully operational in as little as 12 weeks
- An IP55-rated enclosure that is capable of protecting your hardware from humidity, dust, and dirt
- Easy scalability that comes in stages of 5, 10, and 20 kW
- Enterprise-level data center functionality within the footprint of a typical IT rack
- Decreased downtime through remote monitoring

Volkhard Bregulla, vice president of global sales, manufacturing, automotive, and the Internet of Things with HPE, said: "More and more companies realize they have to equip their machines and plants with intelligence to capture the value of their industrial data. This requires running enterprise-grade IT systems at close range to the operational technology equipment, creating actionable insights and automatic action in real time."

What is the HPE Composable Cloud?

As exciting as their first two announcements are, HPE Discover 2019 also included a third announcement to shed some light on the HPE Composable Cloud and their plans for the future. To be even more specific, it was unveiled that existing users of HPE ProLiant 360, 380, and 560 Gen10 now have the option of migrating into the HPE Composable Cloud environment – a transition that is made possible by the OneView management utility.

An HPE presentation cited four key points of the HPE Composable Cloud, including:

- Simplification of multi-rack scale-out by 98%
- 87% faster network deployment
- 63% faster server deployment
- 46% faster storage deployment

As you can see, HPE's latest announcements primarily revolve around improving the speed, efficiency, and reliability of their information systems. With an obvious commitment to quality, it will be interesting to see what comes from HPE in the coming weeks, months, and years.


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