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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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An Overview of HubStor ManageEngine

While HubStor and ManageEngine technically exist as two separate developers, their latest updates – both of which focus on Windows-based applications – complement one another so nicely that some have combined the two into one convenient solution. As you'll see, there are plenty of reasons why one would want to use both HubStor and ManageEngine together.

HubStor is the leading cloud archive, backup and storage solution within the Microsoft Azure cloud architecture. Their latest update adds new functionality to Office 365 that supports interoperability with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business in a manner that is more straightforward and efficient.

Vladimir Milutin, vice president of sales and business development with HubStor, spoke about the recent update by saying: "Empowering our customers to restore data at multiple granular levels to Office 365 quickly is a unique capability within the HubStor cloud archive platform. Organizations can use HubStor to backup their Office 365 content, never worry about managing the backup infrastructure, and have total confidence in the robustness of their data."

Specific updates include:

- The ability to restore files at list-, folder-, document-, or site-level, directly to SharePoint Online.

- An option to restore everything within an individual SharePoint, Group, or OneDrive for Business collection. This also supports the ability to restore items and folders to the OneDrive platform.

- The ability to restore files at message-, folder-, or mailbox-level to Exchange Online.

- Support for the restoration of multiple mailboxes in Exchange Online and the ability to export inbox messages to Azure Blob Storage.

These new features add a tremendous amount of new functionality to HubStor and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform in general – but they offer even more when used as part of the HubStor ManageEngine collaboration.


ManageEngine is a niche software solution meant to manage IT assets on behalf of modern enterprises and businesses. Their latest update to their Azure solution is focused on Active Directory and backup functionality within virtualized environments.

Specific updates include:

- The option to backup entire servers and restore them onto a clean system.

- Utilization of incremental backups to improve backup durations and improve disk allocation.

- The ability to perform file-, folder-, and volume-level backups and restorations of entire Windows servers.

- Support for automatic scheduling to take place during non-business hours, thus minimizing server strain and eliminating any potential downtime during the normal workday.

Subramanyan Balakrishnan, product manager with ManageEngine, spoke about their recent update by saying: "To mitigate the ongoing flood of cyberattacks, organizations should factor a holistic backup and recovery solution into their cybersecurity plan. You can’t plan for something like a ransomware attack, but you can set up automatic backups for better control over data and the ability to recover sensitive data in case of any incident."

More Information

When used alongside HubStor, the pair provide a level of backup and disaster recovery that is nearly bulletproof to modern hackers, data breaches and ransomware. Although no system is 100% protected, the HubStor ManageEngine team comes pretty close.

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