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HYCU Bolsters Backup with Support for Google Cloud

HYCU was originally built as a backup application for Nutanix. Initially launched in mid-2017, it's been in a state of constant development and improvement ever since – and it's now transitioning to include data backup capabilities within the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Pioneered by Comtrade in June 2017, the originally HYCU solution delivered native support for users of Nutanix and Nutanix AHV. The team with Comtrade eventually turned HYCU into a separate entity – and its first product is the GCP release of their popular HYCU solution.

Simon Taylor, CEO with HYCU, spoke about Nutanix and the Google Cloud by saying: ''"We believe Nutanix is the future of the data center, and we place our bets on them. Everyone's been asking us, 'Beyond Nutanix, where do you go from here?' We started thinking of the concept of multi-cloud. We see people running fixed workloads on-prem, and if it's dynamic, they'll probably put it on a public cloud. And Google is the public cloud that's near and dear to Nutanix's heart."

According to their website, HYCU for Google provides five primary benefits:

- Granular recovery: To support the recovery of individual files and folders within a matter of minutes.

- Disaster Recovery: To recover full VMs or applications in the wake of an unexpected incident.

- Automated backup and storage tiering: To free up human workers for bigger and more important duties.

- Patented Application-Awareness Technology: To provide backups that are consistent with all of the applications on a VM.

- Full integration with Google Cloud Storage: To facilitate persistent storage for drive images and snapshots or to provide archival (nearline or coldline) storage.

A statement on their official site goes into specific detail about their patented Application Awareness Technology by saying:
"Our patented Application-Awareness technology sees through VMs to detect the applications, and completely protects them and your mission-critical data. We empower your application administrator with our self-service portal, and give you the freedom to choose the hypervisor you want. And with native integration, even deployment is a snap."''

The team with HYCU is also working with their customers to provide the exact amount of functionality they need. As stated by Subbiah Sundaram, HYCU's vice president of products, the majority of their customer requests currently revolve around saving data to other zones on the GCP – a feature that HYCU currently supports. He indicated that they will act on other customer requests in the future.

He was quoted as saying, in part: ''"When customers use the cloud, they think of it as buying a service, not running software. And that's the experience we want them to have. It's completely managed by us. We create and provision the backup targets on Google and manage it for you."''

To set HYCU even farther apart from their competitors, their service only charges customers for the amount of data that is protected as opposed to the total amount of allocated space. The service starts at $12 per month, or 12 cents per gigabyte, for data that is protected and archived every 24 hours – but the plan is fully scalable from there.

To find out more information HYCU, including details on any of their products or service, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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