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Hyland Expands Coverage With Two New Data Centers in Canada

Hyland has been providing next-gen software solutions for over 25 years. They've served nearly 20,000 different organizations during this time, and they've been listed as ''"Fortune's Best Companies to Work For" every year since 2014. As such, it should come as no surprise that their recent efforts are focused on community expansion and regional accessibility.

Strengthening Their Presence Both Locally and Around the World

To achieve this, Hyland opened two brand new data centers in Canada in August 2018. Not only does the recent move give them 13 data centers in various strategic locations around the world, but it gives them localized services via the Hyland Cloud – including OnBase, ShareBase and Brainware – for their Canadian customers.

Marc Cianciolo, director of global cloud services with Hyland, spoke about the new data centers by saying: "As the most tenured cloud content services vendor, we remain dedicated to providing our global customer base with the scalable solutions they need, deployed the way they want. The new data centers in Canada deliver safe, secure and reliable hosting options for Canadian organizations looking to transform business processes and gain operational efficiency."

As you can see, Hyland's services target small, medium-sized and large businesses alike. The Hyland Cloud is also a privately managed cloud hosting platform, so customers never have to worry about their data falling into the hands of the general public.

Spearheading Data Protection Across Multiple Decades

Hyland has been rapidly expanding in recent years. Ever since the inception of OnBase, which came in 2004, the experts at Hyland have played a major role in the development of cloud-based applications and early cloud deployments around the world. They currently provide direct support to more than 800 organizations in 26 different countries. As such, they're constantly on the frontlines of data protection and security.

According to a statement on their official website: "The new Canadian data centers are purpose-built for Canadian business operations and meet Hyland’s rigorous standards for data sovereignty and encryption to ensure data is protected by the highest levels of digital and physical security protocols. Benefiting from the cutting-edge hosting methodology within the Hyland Cloud, organizations leveraging Hyland’s cloud-based information management solution save money, and remove the burden of in-house data maintenance and protected storage."

Per a recent study, headed by the Association for Intelligent Information Management and quoted in Hyland's latest press release, more than 75% of all respondents said they're interested in deploying cloud-based solutions within the next two years. With this in mind, companies like Hyland are ready and waiting to ease their transition into the cloud.

The same study went onto say that 38% of respondents are interested in a full-scale, cloud-based deployment – 40% are likely to employ some sort of hybrid solution. In any case, Hyland is already ahead of the curve when it comes to both global and regional access.

Finding Out More Information

To find out more information about Hyland, including details on their new data centers or any of their other facilities and solutions, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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