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IBM Introduces Two New Flash-Based Storage Arrays

IBM has always been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Continuing in their trend of delivering comprehensive solutions based on customer-specific needs, the recent unveiling of two brand new, flash-based storage arrays serves as the latest reminder of their dedication to providing innovative and powerful technology in order to accommodate ever-evolving IT needs of computer users in the 21st century.

Jamie Thomas, general manager with IBM's storage and software defined systems, specifically highlighted the needs of his customers as a motivational force behind some of the company's recent innovations, including their recent flash storage solutions. He was quoted as saying: "Many of our customers are pressured to derive greater business value from an ever-growing amount of data. In order to unlock key insights from big data through analytics, more and more customers, like Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, are using IBM FlashSystem to accelerate mission-critical applications and improve operations and services. These IBM solutions can offer extraordinary advantage to any business eager to make more, spend less, and move faster."

New Products

The newly introduced products, which includes the FlashSystem 900 and the FlashSystem V9000, are capable of outperforming traditional, HDD-based storage by 50 times. Moreover, they are capable of handling up to four times more data while still maintaining a smaller form factor than their flash-based solutions of their nearest competitor.

Entry-level users will certainly be interested in the FlashSystem 900, including its lightning fast deployment, increased reliability and improved efficiency. The FlashSystem 900 features hot-swappable, micro-latency modules that are available in capacities of 1.2 TB, 2.9 TB or 5.7 TB. This provides a maximum capacity of nearly 58 TB in 2U.

For those who require even greater performance, the FlashSystem V9000 is definitely the go-to choice. While it is nearly identical to the FlashSystem 900 in terms of functionality, the V9000 features an integrated storage virtualization protocol, thereby accommodating as much as 32 petabytes of external storage. Because of this, the V9000 boasts a maximum capacity of 456 TB within the exact same flash modules as the FlasheSystem 900.

Proven Technology

With IBM's proprietary FlashCoreT technology under the hood, the FlashSystem 900 and V9000 are relying on technology that has already proven itself in real-world applications. Furthermore, The FlashCoreT protocol is versatile enough to handle an business' cloud computing needs, mobile requirements, big data analytics and even data security.

Another key feature seen in the new arrays is Micron's MLC flash chip technology, which works in tandem with FlashCoreT technology to increase data security and drive reliability even further. With the trusted names of IBM and Micron behind it, it's safe to say that these brand new, flash-based storage arrays can accommodate even the most demanding of systems.

Darren Thomas, vice president of storage with Micron, praised Microsoft while touting their partnership in a recent interview. He was quoted as saying: "IBM is a powerful leader in storage, globally recognized for delivering solutions that transform businesses. For FlashSystem, IBM draws on Micron’s flash expertise and deep flash media knowledge to deliver a truly differentiated storage solution. This unique collaboration signifies the future of enterprise storage.”


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