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IBM Acquires Cleversafe for $1.3B

In a recent, and successful, attempt at increasing their presence in the cloud, IBM has announced the acquisition of Cleversafe, Inc., a popular manufacturer and developer of object-based software and hardware meant for large-scale data storage. The move should bolster IBM's position regarding 21st century data storage as well as hybrid cloud computing. Moreover, the latest acquisition is expected to strengthen mobile, social and analytics technologies on behalf of IBM for years to come.

Although the deal has yet to be closed, the two companies have already entered into a definitive agreement. The exact terms of the acquisition have not been released to the public.

Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM's cloud operations, spoke highly about the recent acquisition. He was quoted as saying: " Today a massive digital transformation is underway as organizations increasingly turn to cloud computing for innovative ways to manage more complex business operations and increasing volumes of data in a secure and effective way. Cleversafe, a pioneer in object storage, will add to our efforts to help clients overcome these challenges by extending and strengthening our cloud storage strategy, as well as our portfolio."

Cleversafe's president and CEO, John Morris, echoed LeBlanc's statements regarding the future. He was quoted as saying: " IBM is an innovator and leader in cloud and storage and we’re excited about the opportunities that lay ahead once this transaction closes. Together with IBM we can extend our object storage leadership position to address the broadest set of workloads for clients with the most expansive set of object-based solutions."

This isn't the first acquisition IBM has made in recent years in the niches of cloud computing and data storage. In fact, the company spent more than $3.5 billion in 2015 alone, which covered a total of 14 deals. One of these deals include the acquisition of Merge Healthcare, which was purchased by IBM for just over $1 billion.

Integrating New Technologies

Once the deal has been finalized, IBM will begin the integration of Cleversafe products, including software and hardware, into their own line of solutions. This includes Cleversafe's proprietary Dispersed Storage Network, or dsNet, which facilitates onsite storage in a way that supports scalability, active archival functionality and cost efficiency. IBM believes that this solution will complement their current Spectrum Storage, which already provides various means of data storage and protection.

In the end, the solutions that are currently featured within dsNet will merge with IBM's SoftLayer and SoftLayer Object Storage platforms. These infrastructure-as-a-service offerings promote freedom, flexibility, performance and cost efficiency in today's hybrid cloud model.

Cleversafe at a Glance

Cleversafe was originally founded in 2004 in Chicago, Illinois. Known best for the development and release of dsNet, Pitchbook valued the company at just over $200 million in 2013. With this in mind, it's safe to say that IBM paid a pretty penny to make the acquisition a reality. To find out more information about the team at Cleversafe, including details on all of their latest endeavors and most recent news, please visit their official website at


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