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IBM Storage Rebranded as IBM Spectrum

IBM Storage has served as a highly specialized division focusing on disk, flash and tape-based storage in the 21st century. Having enjoyed a great deal of success under the name, IBM Storage has seen a sudden renovation. Now known as IBM Spectrum, the offshoot enterprise will continue its focus on data storage and management. However, they have solidified their efforts toward software defined storage with the recent pledge of $1 billion in funding throughout the course of the next five years.

Not only is the rebranding and new funding initiative expected to add a greater level of adaptability and flexibility to products that fall under the new IBM Spectrum name, but IBM hopes that it will also help to turn around lagging profits as of late.

Bernie Spang, director of strategy and marketing with IBM’s software group, spoke about the importance of IBM’s recently announced investments in the niche of software defined storage. He was quoted as saying: “This is building on existing technology that is based on over 700 IBM patents. This will enable our customers to take advantage of hybrid cloud computing. They want economies of cloud computing. They don't always want their data literally in the cloud. They want private cloud and cloud services where it makes sense.”

He continued by pointing out the necessity of flexibility and versatility in the 21st century. He said: “Traditional storage has been inefficient in how it has been deployed because it does not have the flexibility to optimize the workloads. Software-defined storage gives that flexibility. There's a reason you need multiple offerings. All this data and files from different workloads and mobile platforms require different storage architectures to optimize the workloads. It's not a one-size-fits-all world.”

Moreover, some of the products that fall under the IBM Spectrum have seen their own rebranding. For example, the IBM Spectrum Accelerate is based specifically on the IBM XIV storage platform. As such, Spectrum Accelerate adds a greater level of functionality than the IBM XIV could achieve its own. This includes zero-tuning capabilities, resource pooling and support for hyper-cloud frameworks. Additional features include the ability to create data snapshots, asynchronous and synchronous replication options and full process automation.

Another product, previously known as the IBM San Volume Controller, has also seen a makeover. Now known as IBM Spectrum Virtualize, the software is meant specifically for storage device virtualization. IBM’s Tivoli Manager has been rebranded as IBM Spectrum Protect while their Linear Tape File System has been renamed to the IBM Spectrum Archive. Finally, IBM’s Virtual Storage Center is now referred to as Spectrum Control.

Bernie Spang concluded his interview by stating: “We are introducing the beta of a new capability called Spectrum Control Storage Insight. It's a new capability added to Spectrum Control and it is being introduced as a cloud service with the software. Storage Insight analyzes and feeds guidance to the environment about placing data to optimize storage configuration and drive cost efficiencies. Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Control work together to manage data backup and archiving.”


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