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IDrive Safe Offers Long-Term Data Archiving

Long-term data backup is not a new concept by any means, but previous methods of preserving the integrity of data over an extended timeframe left much to be desired. In an effort to boost the efficiency of long-term data storage, including security and integrity of the data itself, IDrive has recently introduced IDrive Safe; meant to facilitate long-term, offsite data backup while still allowing users to access and update their data when needed.

Who is IDrive?

Although they might not be the most recognizable name in the industry, IDrive is considered amongst the industry pioneers in cloud computing and data archival services within the 21st century. Originally founded in 1995 with the name Pro Softnet Corporation, the company offers numerous IT products and services.

How it Works

IDrive Safe is an innovative concept its own right. Instead of transferring data through a network connection, IDrive ships physical drives to each customer. The customer is then able to backup or update their data before shipping the drive back for archiving. The data on the drive will then be transferred to IDrive's own infrastructure, and a customer's files can typically be accessed within 24 hours of their initial request.

Raghu Kulkarni, IDrive's CEO, explained his company's goal with the newly introduced IDrive Safe service. "We wanted to give users more control over their archived data. IDrive Safe provides a secure cloud service, which keeps data protected offsite in our data centers. The various plan options allow users to decide how often they add data to their archives depending on their specific archival needs. The goal is to make sure data is securely backed up and stored regularly to keep archives up-to-date throughout the year for one flat fee."


There are numerous benefits to the IDrive Safe system. Since the entire backup and archival process is completed without the use of a network connection, the customer will free up a tremendous amount of bandwidth. The newly freed bandwidth can then be allocated to other resources or eliminated altogether, thereby lowering overhead costs associated with bandwidth usage.

Time is another huge benefit of the IDrive Safe system. Because network connections can serve as bottlenecks when it comes to transferring data, customers won't be limited by standardized network speeds. Instead, customers can take advantage of the faster, physical connection of a computer and the increased reliability of the backup drive itself.


IDrive Safe offers several different service plans for customers to choose from, which ultimately determine the frequency of drive shipments and archival services. Their entry-level package, which starts at $99.50 per year, only allows for a one-time data archive. However, the data will be available on IDrive's infrastructure forever.

Another plan, available for $199.50 per year, lets customers archive their data on a yearly basis. For clients who require increased storage space or more frequent backups, IDrive Safe offers a plan at $999.50 that offers monthly archives and a total of 13 terabytes of storage space. As you can see, IDrive offers a range of service options in order to cater to as many businesses and consumers as possible.


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