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IDrive Online Backup Introduces the IDrive Vault

The IDrive Vault is a cloud-based service that offers highly secure and accessible data backups on behalf of businesses of all sizes. Originally launched in late 2016, the service is available in of three distinct variations: IDrive Vault (Snapshots), IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) and IDrive Vault (Image with Bare-Metal Restore). Not only does this let you find the exact functionality you need, but it gives IDrive the opportunity to provide each customer with individualized service and support.


IDrive Vault (Snapshots) is meant for localized data protection. The service offers faster backup restoration when compared to cloud-based backup options. Moreover, the service monitors your archived files for any modifications, thereby allowing it to backup your updates in real-time. Snapshots also supports the backup of databases like MS SQL and MS Exchange. It is available a starting price of $1,000 for an annual subscription that accommodates up to 25 individual users.

Private Cloud

The IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) serves as an on-premises solution for data backup and restoration, but it has the added feature of remote data access and management as needed. The interface itself is similar to IDrive’c Cloud Backup utility, so some users will be instantly familiar with the controls. Pricing for the IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) starts at $2,000 for an annual subscription that includes 6 TB of space and support for 100 users.

Image with Bare-Metal Restore

Customers who want the option of performing a bare-metal restore will enjoy the IDrive Vault (Image with Bare-Metal Restore). This service lets you perform a bit-by-bit copy of your entire hard drive, including any operating system files and application-specific configurations, for those who want to archive a hard drive in its current state. Other options include the ability to boot to a CD or UB drive, the ability to choose individual files or restore an entire system and access to the Vault server for backup management and review. Pricing starts at $2,000 for the first year and 6 TB of cloud space.

Benefitting from Regular Updates

While the availability of three different services would be enough to catch the attention of most, IDrive also provides their products with regular updates. A recent update, aimed specifically at IDrive Vault (Private Cloud), introduced new support for Amazon Web Services via Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) as well as their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Matthew Harvey, senior business development manager with IDrive, spoke about the need for regular updates and upgrades in their existing product lines by stating: “We have IDrive business customers worldwide, that require faster backups and restores of their critical data and we plan to meet those needs with IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) for AWS. Combining both IDrive and AWS offers true on-demand scalability, region specific backup and a host of other features that cannot be found in other solutions."

Sorting Through the Options

As you can see, IDrive has all the bases covered with their IDrive Vault line of services. Not only do they make it easy to find the exact level of service you need, but all of their plans put an emphasis on your ability to access, manage and control your own data. For more information on IDrive, the IDrive Vault or any of their other products or services, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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