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IDrive Online Adds VMware Support

Used by thousands of customers and backed by the likes of PC World, Wired and PC Magazine, IDrive is renowned for its data backup services. With a tiered pricing plan as well as 5 gigabytes of free storage space for anybody who wants to sign up for their service, it's hard to beat their service.

Just in case that wasn't enough to draw your attention, the development team with IDrive is constantly working to bring you the latest and greatest updates, improvements and new features. In fact, their most recent move, the integration of VMware backup functionality, might be the biggest and most useful update yet.

VMware was introduced into IDrive for a plethora of reasons. First and foremost, it's a feature that has been frequently requested by current users of IDrive software. Moreover, the marriage of IDrive and VMware helps to keep bandwidth and storage space in check through its incremental backup system. Couple this with a streamlined data restoration process as well as disaster recovery for any virtual machine, and you have a comprehensive and versatile data backup suite.

Moreover, IDrive also offers the luxury of full, scheduled and hot backups, too. This gives IT officials complete control over where their data is stored, how it's handled and when it's archived. 256-bit AES encryption adds military-grade data security, which safeguards and protects your critical data even further.

Rounding out the features of IDrive's VMware Backup is the ability to backup an unlimited number of virtual machines when used with VMware vCenter. Whereas other software packages support a finite number of virtual machines, IDrive makes it easy to backup as many as you need.

Shane Bingham, business development manager with IDrive, explained some of the benefits of VMware virtualization by stating: "Virtualization allows you to run multiple different operating systems under one roof. If you experience a crash, the data loss can be massive. IDrive helps you secure all your virtual environments for less money. If a crash occurs, you can easily restore your OS and keep business operations running smoothly.

VMware isn't the first server to enjoy the benefits of IDrive. The software has also been extended to SQL Server, Exchange Server, Hyper-V, SharePoint Server and Oracle Server, thereby providing one of the most versatile and complete data backup suites available on the market today.

In order to use IDrive for VMware, your system must meet some basic requirements. This includes a Windows 64-bit operating system, 2 GB of available RAM and ESXi 5.5 or 6.0. Additionally, you'll need enough available storage space to accommodate the files needed for the backup and restoration processes. All in all, these are some rather basic requirements for a software suite that is capable of doing so much.

To find out more information about IDrive, including details on IDrive for VMware or any of their other products and solutions, please visit their official website at Alternatively, current users of IDrive services can reach a live customer support representative by calling 1-855-815-8706 during normal business hours.


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