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Iron Mountain Unveils Near-Infinite Cloud Storage

There's no denying the fact that Iron Mountain is one of the major players in the data storage and archival game. Not only has the company been around since 1951, but they're known for burying fully functional data centers deep underground or even within the side of a mountain.

While they already offer a plethora of storage and archival solutions, the team with Iron Mountain has recently unveiled the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive. Meant to provide a highly secure, cloud-based archive for sharing and preservation of data, the IM Cloud Archive is similar, in many regards, to the cloud offerings of Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others.

However, as most mainstream cloud storage providers only offer a limited amount of cloud storage space, the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive actually boasts near-infinite scalability. Moreover, Iron Mountain is sticking with their trend of unique data centers by locating their physical servers within their underground facility in Pennsylvania.

Iron Mountain is taking their service one step further by offering complete transparency regarding the storage of customer data within their cloud servers. As such, customers know exactly where their data is at all times and exactly how to access it.

The company's IM Cloud Archive doesn't involve any customer-owned storage hardware, thus making the service far more efficient and affordable than on-premise storage systems. It also eliminates the need for managing archival refresh cycles as well as any lengthy migration processes when transferring data from one storage architecture to another. Not only is the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive cost effective, but it can help you preserve a lot of time and resources, too.

Eileen Sweeney, senior vice president of data management with Iron Mountain, spoke about their new service in a recent press release by saying: "Building on our legacy as a trusted and proven service provider, the introduction of the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive solution rounds out the Iron Mountain Cloud portfolio of services with best-in-class technology designed to fit and scale with any IT infrastructure. We’re now fully equipped to offer holistic, end-to-end information management, ensuring past, present and future data protection, disaster recovery and data preservation with unmatched physical and logical security at an affordable price."

There's no doubt that Iron Mountain is dedicated to bringing their customers the best possible solutions regarding long-term data storage, archival and security. Furthermore, the fact that they've been able to achieve this, while still maintaining high levels of user accessibility and transparency, has made them one of the most attractive storage options in the industry.

With all of the luxuries afforded through their services and solutions, It's easy to see why Iron Mountain is already used by more than 220,000 different organizations from all across the globe. They've made their presence known in the industries of healthcare, finance, law and even the federal government, and they've been renowned by some of the top enterprises in the world.

For more information about Iron Mountain, including details on their IM Cloud Archive solution or any of their other services or solutions, please refer to their official website at Conversely, interested parties can speak with a live service representative by calling 1-800-899-4766.


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