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Image-X PII Vault Safeguards Your Personally Identifiable Information

Given the recent scale of some of the latest hacks and cyber-attacks that have been permeating the IT industry, consumers are growing increasingly concerned about their personally identifiable information. Sometimes referred to as PII, businesses and customers alike are suddenly scrambling to ensure the safety of their online PII. Luckily, Image-X's PII Vault makes the process easier than ever before.

The Image-X PII Vault

Image-X's PII Vault isn't exactly new to the scene. Originally unveiled to the public in late 2015, the architecture has already benefitted from a number of upgrades. However, their newest suite of tools was specifically designed to take full advantage of modern cloud capabilities.

Furthermore, the Image-X PII Vault is constrained to PII. It's also designed to store personal health information (PHI), personal credit information (PCI) and other forms of confidential or highly sensitive data. As such, it's one of the most comprehensive utilities for storing and safeguarding such information.

Examples include full names, birthdates, driver's license and social security numbers, email addresses and passwords and even bank account or credit card info. This kind of data is collected through a variety of means, including online forms, questionnaires, surveys and more.

According to a recent blog post, "These kinds of cloud-based tools can also help strengthen compliance in industries where it's absolutely critical, like the medical field and legal system. In today's complicated medical landscape of electronic health records and protected health information, it's crucial for health care organizations to invest in the right kind of technology that will enhance their compliance and make sure they're up to date on these kinds of standards."

Looking at the Technical Side of Things

The architecture of the PII Vault takes advantage of a public key infrastructure system, which furnishes each user with a digital certificate. Every dataset that is marked as PII, PHI or PCI is then encrypted with the user's own X.509 certificate, thereby giving full control to the individual user.

If their data ever becomes compromised, the hackers would only be able to access the encrypted version of any sensitive files. These would be completely unreadable and useless without having every user's personal certificate. Image-X's process is so efficient that they received a patent for the system in 2013.

Even encrypted data that is stored on a company's servers or hard drives cannot be accessed without the key of the specific user. While individual users are allowed to give permission to a third-party, they must login with the representative in order to decrypt the information and to encrypt it after it's been accessed. Future access would require new permission from the individual in question.

Finding Out More About Image-X and the PII Vault

Image-X has played an active role in the data storage community since the late 80s. Originally specializing in enterprise workflow and document management, the company has received numerous awards and accreditations in their 25+ years in the industry. For more information on Image-X, the PII Vault or any of their other products or solutions, please visit their official website at


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