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HMSA Chooses InfiniDat Enterprise Storage Solution

As the largest insurance provider in the state of Hawaii, the Hawaii Medical Service Association, or HMSA, has a lot of responsibility riding on its shoulders. In fact, there are currently more than 700,000 people within the state who rely on HMSA for their medical coverage. As such, the act of choosing a company to store, manage and protect the mountains of data generated on a daily basis by HMSA was not one to be taken lightly.

However, after extensive testing and hands-on trials, HMSA has decided on Infinidat's InfiniBox storage array to fill the role. Already in place in data centers within the cities of Honolulu and Kapolei, HMSA has been able to improve their storage efficiency by 40% in a very brief amount of time. Future integrations are expected to bolster this efficiency even further.

Joe McVicker, senior storage administrator with HMSA, spoke about the measures his company went through before deciding on InfiniBox. He was quoted as saying: "InfiniBox was subjected to the most rigorous testing we’ve ever conducted on a storage platform, about three times more testing than our previous system. We were seeing lower write latency than the all-flash array we use for our VDI. That is very impressive for a hybrid array. For me, that’s paramount. Whatever we put on the InfiniBox, I know that write latency is pretty much non-existent."

HMSA's senior storage administration continued his statement by touting his company's confidence in InfiniBox, stating: "We’re shuffling most of our application data sets onto the InfiniBox architecture. Confidence is really, really high when it comes to deciding ‘where do we put it?’. We don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s going on the InfiniBox, plain and simple."

In fact, HMSA has already begun the migration process. All of their private clouds, Vcloud and VMware systems have already been transitioned. Additionally, their user testing architecture has also been migrated to InfiniBox. While they are still transferring their production workloads over to the new system, HMSA expects to have the process completed within a short amount of time.

Michel Danon, senior vice president and CIO with HMSA, explained some of the benefits of Infinidat and their InfiniBox solution by stating: "With InfiniBox, we’re obtaining the high performance and exceptional reliability we need to meet our technology goals. At the same time, we’re getting the best overall storage pricing and exceeding our cost objectives."

Danon continued by comparing Infinibox to HMSA's previous platform: "With our previous storage system, the replication time for 80 GB of virtual machines was anywhere from 55 to 90 minutes. With the InfiniBox systems, we reduced the replication time to only six seconds."

To find out more information about InfiniBox, InfiniDat or any of their other solutions, products and services, interested parties should refer to their official website at You'll also be able to read about the company's history, get in touch with a service representative or peruse the credentials and achievements of the Infinidat team.


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