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Startup Company Offers Their Own Take on Shared Storage

The niches of shared-storage and cloud computing may be chock-full of competition lately, including well-known brands such as Dropbox, YouSendIt, Minbox and more, but that's not stopping the team with Infinit from launching their own shared-storage service. While they certainly have a lot of work ahead of themselves in order to solidify their position amongst their topmost competitors, the features and functionality advertised with Infinit is already turning heads.


While Infinit originally launched their service in 2014 for desktops, they've recently released editions for both iOS and Android devices. The software went through an extensive beta testing period of three months before seeing a mobile release.

As stated on their official blog: "Even on mobile, Infinit connects your smartphone or tablet directly to a recipient’s device, meaning that you get transfer speeds at least 2 times faster than any other product, and up to 30 times faster if both sender and recipient are connected to the same WiFi network."

Current Forms

In its current state, Infinit actually exists in three separate forms. The first sees the Infinit code available as a series of open-source projects. As these files are available to the general public, it's anybody's guess as to what the future might have in store for Infinit.

The second form of Infinit exists a client application while the third and final form of Infinit is manifested as a suite of software-as-a-service applications. The latter allows for company-specific rebranding and reselling as warranted.

How It Works

While Infinit is quite similar to its competitors like Dropbox and Google Drive, there is a critical difference in the way the platforms function. While Dropbox and Google Drive require the creation of client-side copies of all shared files, Infinit does not. This is accomplished through the use of drive virtualization and storage pooling.

According to the team with Infinit, this platform offers a number of advantages over its competition. The first and most obvious benefit of Infinit is the increased control users will have over the storage of their own data. Thanks to Infinit, individual users are able to allocate space within their own data centers or on a third-party cloud service provider.

The second advantage to Infinit is seen in the implementation of a decentralized overlay network. This offers fully automated load balancing as well as fault tolerance capabilities to the customer. Finally, customers who maintain small amounts of local data will be able to access the entire contents of their shared data, regardless of whether it can be cached locally or not. Of course, Infinit still allows individual files to be cached as a means of increasing access speeds if deemed necessary by the individual user.

For more information Infinit, including details of their software-based file storage platform, a list of frequently asked questions, online documentation and more, please visit their official website at Those who want to keep up with the latest announcements and breaking news regarding Infinit or their new shared-storage platform, please visit their company blog at


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