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Introducing Infrascale EndGuard for Data Protection

Endpoint data protection is one of the primary IT-related concerns amongst enterprise managers, chief information officers and other industry professionals. In an effort to help ease the troubles associated with protecting data while it is being processed, Infrascale has recently released their proprietary endpoint data protection solution. Known as EndGuard, this innovative and useful application ensures the protection of critical information anywhere it is stored.

What is EndGuard?

In the simplest terms, Infrascale's EndGuard program offers centralized, cloud-oriented backup services in order to better protect crucial corporate information. Applicable to data stored on laptop computers, tablets and even 21st century smartphones, EndGuard combines services such as data loss prevention, remote data wiping and a suite of restoration functionality. Moreover, all of these functions are easily accessed through EndGuard's single dashboard, which allows you to manage your organization's IT operations with a few clicks of a mouse.

Ken Shaw, expressed his feelings about EndGuard in the software's official press release. “With the proliferation of data growth on the endpoint and with the rise of the bring your own device movement, IT knows they can’t backup and manage mobile and laptop endpoints in the same way they’ve traditionally dealt with tethered and on-premise devices,” he said. “That’s why we are excited to introduce EndGuard. Purpose-built to safeguard data that is created, stored and shared on laptops, tablets and smartphones, EndGuard provides a new level of assurance and simplicity for endpoint data protection.”


There are several key benefits associated with the use of Infrascale EndGuard. For startes, EndGuard facilitates fully automated, transparent backups of data that can be aggregated from a variety of sources, including laptop computers, smartphones and tablets. Supported operating systems include Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac and even Android.

Another benefit of Infrascale EndGuard is the increased protection it provides against unwanted or unexpected data loss. Using a series of tactics, including client-side encryption methods, remote system monitoring, device tracking and advanced data restoration strategies, EndGuard offers a comprehensive suite of data protection tools.

IT industry managers will also appreciate the centralized management services offered through Infrascale EndGuard. Allowing you to generate performance metrics, create detailed reports and delegate IT-related tasks, EndGuard makes IT management a breeze.

One of the most useful benefits of Infrascale's EndGuard application is the amount of support offered through their cloud architecture. In order to give you full control over where your backup data is stored, EndGuard lets you choose between storing data on a private cloud network or any one of several third-party cloud services.

The final benefit of EndGuard is the costs associated with establishing service. With flexible pricing points as well as the ability to receive a live demonstration of the software's capabilities before purchasing, users of EndGuard really have nothing to lose.

Other Products

Infrascale offers several other products that can be used in tandem with EndGuard. Their SOS Business program facilitates entire server backups as well as restoration, while their proprietary FileLocker application offers a secure file synchronization protocol. Either program can be used in conjunction with EndGuard to provide a strong network for nearly any enterprise operation.


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