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Infrascale Raises Funds for Cloud Backup Investments

Infrascale call themselves “the most complete cloud data protection solution”. They were founded in 2006 and are based in El Segundo, California. The company have recently announced two major pieces of news that will likely allow them to take major steps in the data world.

First of all, Infrascale managed to secure $16.3 million in funds thanks to Carrick Capital Partners. This is a venture capital firm that looks to offer financial support to other companies in order to see a return on their investment. Marc McMorris is the venture firm’s co-founder and managing director and said in a press release that Infrascale’s “ability to deploy in a private, public or on-premises environment and the superior security of its architecture” made them a worthwhile investment.

The second piece of news is that a part of these funds have been used to finance the acquisition of Eversync Solutions Inc. Eversync are a provider of cloud-connected, on-premise data protection appliances for Windows, Linux, Unix and VMware. The addition of Eversync’s technology will expand Infrascale’s infrastructure options for their channel partners and customers who wish for a single, complete data protection solution.

“There are countless roadblocks associated with deploying a complete data protection platform,” said Ken Shaw Jr., founder and CEO of Infrascale. “These challenges can range from funding the CAPEX associated with purchasing each point solution to budgeting for bulging OPEX costs associated with managing and scaling disparate solutions and training users. Infrascale’s mission is to eliminate the complexity and offer a scalable, unified platform capable of supporting multiple device types, file formats and operating systems. The Eversync acquisition simply extends our lead in delivering complete, data protection for any device, anywhere.”

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed and it is not clear what the specifics of the management and employee merging will be. Infrascale estimate that the cloud backup and recovery market has an opportunity of more than $2 billion, which explains why there is such a huge array of companies all offering different solutions – Dropbox, Microsoft and Google to name just a few.

With the acquisition of Eversync, it is hoped that Infrascale will be taking a big step forward in offering complete data protection: backup, disaster recovery, archiving and file sharing. With Infrascale’s scope stretching to phones, tablets, PCs and server environments, the company hope to be fully available to every type of consumer.

“The acquisition of Eversync Solutions underscores Infrascale’s commitment to address additional computing environments. With this combined solution, we can eliminate third-party applications that we previously used to deliver data protection in unique operating environments,” said Glen Zucker, the CEO of One IT, Inc. “Too often vendors try to force a single point solution into every computing environment, rather than collaborating with partners to design a product platform that works for customers with broad computing requirements.”

Those not aware of Infrascale by name may know it better by some of their offerings, like FileLocker (cloud-based file sharing and collaboration), SOS Online Backup and EndGuard Endpoint. Be sure to keep an eye on them, because with their expansion and acquisition, it’s clear they want to become a key player in the data industry.


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