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Introducing Infrascale's New VMware Backup Solution

The team at Infrascale has been one of the industry's most popular providers of cloud data protection for quite some time. Considered one of the global leaders in the niche of data protection, they currently work with over 1,000 service providers who uphold strategies in data protection for more than 250,000 enterprises around the world.

Despite their ongoing success, the professionals with Infrascale aren't taking a break just yet. Having recently acquired Eversync in mid-2014, who provides solutions in data backup, disaster recovery, deduplication, compliance and replication to medium-sized enterprises, and on the heels of their recently announce hypervisor-based backup solution, Infrascale is expanding their industry reach even further.

Designed to protect data that is created and stored within virtual environments, Infrascale VMware Backup is compatibility with any operating system or device. Moreover, the cloud-based solution supports as many as 600 virtual machines simultaneously, and it does so without imposing any size restrictions whatsoever.

In order to offer their new services in a straightforward and user-friendly manner, Infrascale has assembled a service bundle consisting of cloud-based backup, disaster recovery protocol, file sharing and cloud-based archival into a single product. They've also eliminated with some of their extraneous fees, including fees toward individual CPUs and sockets. Managed service providers, or MSPs, who take advantage of Infrascale's new bundle will benefit from lower service costs, reduced man hours and improved protection of personal information store within their systems.

Ken Shaw, chief executive officer of Infrascale, championed the new Infrascale VMware Backup solution in a recent interview with The VAR Guy, where he was quoted as saying: “Cloud backup and DR is a really good business for partners, and for a lot of MSPs its core to their business. The virtual backup subset has been a little tough to make money in," he continued. "So we deliberately designed our pricing to create big margins for customers. This is an opportunity to have a really high profit recurring revenue model for our partners in an area where that has been really difficult previously.”

Scott Lowe, analyst and co-founder of ActualTechMedia, broke down Infrascale's exact service offerings in the initial press release of Infrascale VMware Backup. He was quoted as saying: "Infrascale looks to provide organizations with a complete, one-stop solution that covers both virtualized and bare-metal systems and that still goes deep by enabling single-item recovery for enterprise systems. The company also touts its ‘any cloud’ target — while also providing its own turnkey appliance/cloud combination at very accessible, very simple prices — making it a fit for customers from the smallest SMB to the enterprise."

The first product to be released since the acquisition of Eversync, Infrascale is hoping their customers - both new and established - will be able to benefit from a service package this more inclusive, streamlined and user-friendly than before. After purchasing the Infrascale Data Protection Platform, Infrascale's VMware Backup is available at subscription of $99 per month for each VMware host.

Both the Infrascale Data Protection Platform and the Infrascale VMware Backup solution are available for purchase now. To find out more information about Infrascale or their partners, teammates or service offerings, visit their website at


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