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Ingram Micro Introduces Acronis to Cloud Marketplace

Recognized as the world's largest wholesale technology products distributor, the team with Ingram Micro certainly knows a thing or two about the current state of IT. They work with some of the largest manufacturers in the industry, including the likes of Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Cisco and more, and they have offices and production facilities all around the globe.

Such a vast network has allowed the team with Ingram Micro to develop a highly accessible and comprehensive portfolio of cloud services and apps, which are made available through the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. In a recent effort to expand their presence and strengthen their customer base, Ingra Micro has recently made Acronis available to marketplace users in a total of 14 different countries.

Although Acronis has been available to marketplace users throughout North America and Europe, customers in the Asia-Pacific region had to do without it until now. Moreover, Ingram Micro is expected to expand their presence to regions of India in the near future.

John Zanni, current CMO with Acronis, spoke highly about the new partnership. He was quoted as saying: " Through this strengthened channel alliance, our partners in the Asia Pacific region are now better equipped to exploit the huge market opportunity for cloud data protection. We are excited to fully leverage Ingram Micro's extensive channel network and Cloud Marketplace across the region, as well as the added value they bring to deliver an extremely easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for data protection."

Utilizing the AnyData Engine to facilitate data storage and protection in hybrid cloud environments, Acronis solutions are meant to bolster data backup and archival and data security while still maintaining the level of flexibility needed by today's companies. This includes full scalability in order to adapt to the needs of an organization as it grows as well as the ability to configure, manage and automate internal processes for greater efficiency.

Executive director APAC with Ingram Micro Cloud, spoke about the ever-evolving and constantly changing nature of data storage and protection today. He was quoted as saying: "As today's data protection landscape continues to rapidly evolve, the increased user demand for backup and disaster recovery solutions provides a significant revenue opportunity for channel partners. The combination of the Cloud Marketplace with Acronis' trusted data protection solutions enables channel partners to quickly deploy affordable, user-friendly products that deliver greater value to customers and boost their own competitive edge and profitability."

For further details regarding Ingram Micro and their Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, visit or Visitors will be able to find details regarding cloud services in the area, reseller information and even online technical support.

To find out more about Acronis and the services they offer, please visit their site at Here you'll find an extensive portfolio of solutions aimed at home users, enterprise users and brand partners. You'll also be able to receive online technical support or, if you are an existing user of Acronis, login to your account from one convenient web portal.


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