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Overview of Druva’s inSync Proactive Compliance Solution

A leader in the sector of data protection and governance, Druva’s recent endeavor centers on the mobile workforce of the 21st century. Known as the inSync Proactive Compliance Solution, their newest offering is an attempt to blur the lines between cloud and mobile data while still holding data accessibility and security as an utmost priority.

Jaspreet Singh, chief executive officer of Druva, spoke about the state of today’s highly mobile workforce by saying: “The modern enterprise is a mobile one, with more employees working from remote offices, homes and coffee shops. Once upon a time, VPNs and the data center provided data protection with the ability to backup and restore information to ensure its legal or regulatory compliance. This dispersed data landscape, with so much data outside the firewall, limits any business' ability to protect and control how data is accessed and used."

To help users gain a better understanding of how Druva’s inSync Proactive Compliance Solution may be beneficial to your organization, the company has listed the primary features associated with the new service. Each individual feature is detailed below in detail.

Proactive Compliance Capabilities

Meant to support mobile-centric enterprises with regulatory requirements, the inSync Proactive Compliance Solution allows officials to track data and risks involving healthcare data, customer credit scores, personally identifiable information and even intellectual property. Moreover, inSync Proactive Compliance Solution works across cloud services as well as user-specific devices.

Centralized Monitoring

Druva’s inSync Proactive Compliance Solution gives IT officials a single dashboard for monitoring their system. Capable of filtering and sorting information in a variety of ways, the dashboard makes it easy to initiate investigations into specific incidents as necessary.

Investigative Searching

If an investigation is necessary, users of the Druva inSync Proactive Compliance Solution can take advantage of the newly introduced deep-search function, which works with both the cloud and mobile devices. As such, the deep-search function is able to identify specific data sources as well as their physical location.

Regulatory Templates

Because many industries and enterprises share the same set of regulations, Druva’s inSync Proactive Compliance Solution offers a number of customizable templates for companies to use. Pre-established templates already exist for regulations such as HIPAA, PCI and GLBA, but organizations are able to individualize these templates as needed.

Legal Authenticity

Because the inSync Proactive Compliance Solution generates a fully auditable file history, as well as file integrity testing, the service is able to maintain legal authenticity as well as admissibility.

About Druva

Druva is currently in use by more than 3,000 organizations positioned all around the globe. Moreover, Druva-based services are reportedly in use on more than 3 million mobile devices at the time of this writing. To find out more about Druva, including information on their other solutions, company information, recent partnerships and more, please visit their official website at Those who are interested in trying out Druva before committing to a purchase can also take advantage of the free trial offer that is currently available on their site.


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