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Interoute Introduces Second Virtual Data Center in Asia

Despite a relatively short amount of time in the industry, the team with Interoute is already making headlines. With their flagship service, Interoute Virtual Data Center, the company is able to give their customers full control of the management and organization of their data while still maintaining an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

Bolstering Their Presence Around the Globe

In ongoing efforts to bolster service availability and customer accessibility, Interoute has recently announced plans for a brand new virtual data center, or VDC, in the country of Singapore. The new location will mark Interoute's second location in Asia and their 16th global region. Hong Kong, which marked Interoute's first foray into Asia, has been operating successfully since 2014.

Matthew Finnie, chief technology officer with Interoute, spoke about the need for highly accessible resources in the 21st century. He was quoted as saying: "Increasingly businesses see the world as a global market where digital applications and services can be consumed anywhere, any time. With the addition of VDC Singapore (the 16th zone in our global networked cloud) customers can now place applications and data in close proximity to users in Singapore. Businesses running applications in the Interoute cloud continue to benefit from the ultra-low latency network speeds of a local cloud, ensuring users get the best possible experience from a global cloud."

Capitalizing on Emerging Markets

However spontaneous it may seem, the new Singapore location wasn't simply chosen at random. In fact, a series of large investments have sparked interest in cloud computing all throughout the country as of late. Moreover, with some sources reporting forecasts of $62 billion in IT spending within the market of southeast Asia by the year 2018, there's more than enough profitability to go around.

Chris Morris, vice president of IT services with APAC, spoke about the region's sudden growth in cloud computing and IT spending. He was quoted as saying: "Interoute is a large European cloud service provider, so it's very likely that they have enterprises either already doing business in Asia-Pacific or are planning to expand into Asia-Pacific." He continued by saying: "This is pushing the global operators to open data centers in the region."

Interoute has already demonstrated their willingness as well as their ability to capitalize on these new markets. By expanding their operations to a least one new region every year since the company's inception, Interoute has been able to penetrate markets in London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Istanbul, Hong Kong and the United States. With a track record of continuous growth from the very beginning, Interoute is certianly poised to have a real impact on the IT industry in the near future.

Southeast Asia and Beyond

Given the growing amount of interest in cloud computing, both in southeast Asia and all around the world, we're certain to see vast increases in cloud infrastructure spending, consumer cloud adoption the development of new cloud services. Where this will lead modern computers within the course of the next 10, 15 or 25 years is anybody's guess, but it's safe to say that the cloud computing game has only just begun.


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