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Introduction to Barracuda Backup

Data is susceptible to failure as the equipment that stores the data isn’t fault proof. Backing up is an important part of data storage. Whether you decide to backup locally or offsite, having a system in place in case of failure is fundamentally important. Of course, the ideal solution would be to have a backup locally and offsite. This then provides a double fail safe. If the local backup is damaged, perhaps through user error or natural disaster, then recovery from the offsite backup will still be possible.

This is where something like Barracuda Backup comes in. Barracuda Backup is an integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution. It combines an onsite appliance with a subscription (monthly, quarterly or yearly) that replicates data offsite.

The benefit to having a device specifically for your backup needs is that it is purpose built and allows for the centralisation of backup management. It supports multiple devices and offers the local storage required to keep a backup copy of data onsite. The system protects using standard networking protocols, meaning that it doesn’t require installation and support on every server it’s installed on like traditional software. Also, the fact that it is standalone allows for dedicated processing power to the process, leading to increased efficiency and a lighter load on production servers.

Some of the features that the Barracuda Backup has include inline deduplication, virtual machine integration, replication (with 256-bit AES encryption standard across the service, especially important for when your data is stored in the cloud), offsite vaulting (to minimise backup storage costs), VMware environment protection, centralised management and near continuous data protection. They also offer an instant replacement service, meaning that in the event of a disaster your most recent data and configurations will be loaded onto a replacement unit that is shipped out to you the next day.

The Barracuda Backup comes in a range of models. All of the models come with the full standard features, some of which have been outlined above. However, some features only come on specific models. At time of writing there are 8 different models available. The ‘190’ model suggests for a 250GB backup volume and 500GB usable storage capacity. This costs £899 for the device and £449 for a year of unlimited cloud storage. The ‘1090’ model suggests for a 50TB backup volume and an 112TB usable storage capacity. This is sold at £121349 for the device and £60699 for one year unlimited cloud storage. Plus they have the cheek to charge shipping on top of this!

These high prices may surprise you. Indeed, they are extremely costly, especially considering how cheaply such a backup solution could be implemented using standard systems. However, for those who want the ease of use of the Barracuda service it may be a worthwhile investment.

Further information about the Barracuda Backup device can be found on the company’s {{|official website}}. Users can also order a free evaluation unit, allowing enterprises to try out the system before committing their dollars.


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