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Introduction to EaseUS E-MobiBackup

Data is no longer confined to the hard drive of our computer. Data travels everywhere with us; in the cloud, through our emails, on our smartphones. When it comes to backing up, it’s that crucial smartphone data that some users tend to forget about. It’s been hammered home countless times how important it is to back up your data, but sometimes that tends to just be focussed on your computer. In the modern age, with handheld computers in our palm, it’s important to remember to back up the data that we carry around with us all the time too.

A popular use for smartphones is for gaming. With portable gaming comes the data associated with it and some users plunge many hours into fun apps and would be distraught if all that progress went down the drain. Although some games will store that user data in the company cloud, requiring you to login to a specific service, there are other apps that will store the save data locally on the device – within the internal memory, which can be difficult to access for those less technically proficient.

It’s a bit of a niche market to just want to back up this data specifically, and you’d probably be better off getting something that will handle all smartphone data. Nevertheless, if backing up game data is all that’s of interest, EaseUS have it covered with their E-MobiBackup app.

Okay, the name isn’t exactly catchy, but this is a free backup utility for Android devices that backs up, restores and transfers game apps, progress and all other relevant data. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store right now.

The program is completely free, without support of advertisements, and doesn’t require any registration. It’s a simple download, install and run of the app to get going.

The interface is so simple to use, meaning that there’s no steep learning curve. The app will list all of the games on your device and will allow you to select specific apps (or all of them) to back up. One simple tap later and that’ll data will be backed up.

Multiple backups can be held on the device, meaning that you can pick and choose to restore from specifics points in time. You can even restore games that you have previously backed up, even if you have changed phone or flash ROM.

Disappointingly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to automate the backups, which is perhaps an essential feature in all good backup utilities. Game data is perhaps less crucial than something like documents or pictures, for which even a week’s data loss would be a disaster, but it’s still a shame that such a feature wasn’t included.

The application supports game restore on Android 4.0 or later, thus will be compatible with all modern devices. At this point the application is only a couple of months old and isn’t that popular in the Google Play store, but with the branding from well-known company EaseUS behind it that ranking is sure to grow.


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