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Introduction to ADrive

Gone are the days when cloud storage was a novelty. Storing all your data in the cloud used to be the future, but now it’s more the present. There are so many cloud storage providers out there that it can be hard to know which the best is. A lot of big corporations have their own service, like Microsoft’s OneDrive or Google’s Drive, but there are also slightly smaller operations that are competing for your dime.

One of these is ADrive. This article will explore the service: the features it offers, the price and seeing whether it’s worth the purchase.

All of the usual cloud storage features are on offer here. First of all, and probably the most important, is the ability to access your data at any moment from wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll be able to login to your ADrive account through your device to upload, download, share or edit your files. If you’re on the go then you can use the Android or Apple app from your mobile device. Disappointingly, the free version is supported with adverts; only paid adverts will get the ad-free experience.

The data you store on ADrive doesn’t have to remain for your eyes only. You can quickly and easily share anything by generating a link to that piece of data. You can also send an email directly from your account, making it a cinch to send your data. You can also instantly transfer files from external websites to your ADrive account remotely. Once there, the file can be downloaded or shared.

ADrive makes use of Zoho technology. This is something that allows users to edit their files online, be it word documents, spreadsheets or presentations. You can open, edit and save these files all from within your ADrive account, meaning that your data isn’t just for looking at.

All of the above is available with a free account. This free account will offer you 50GB of storage, which is actually quite generous. Although it doesn’t afford you a wealth of features, those simply looking to store their data online in a no frills fashion might find this package a good fit.

There is also a Personal Premium membership that costs $2.50 a month or $25 a year. This comes with a 30 day trial, allowing you to test the package before committing completely. Extra features with this package include an increase of individual file size limit to 16GB, 24/7 technical support through phone and email and the ability to collaborate online with your data.

Finally, there is a Business package with storage space of 200GB to unlimited, depending on your needs. This starts at $7 a month and $70 a year. This comes with all the above features, plus the ability to have multi-user accounts. You can contact ADrive directly if you require anything above 21TB for your business plan and they will provide you with a “competitive quote”.

ADrive is a bit expensive when compared to competitors, but the ability to trial the service for a month is great. Although it’s disappointing the free package has adverts and a limited feature set, it’s only to be expected that cloud providers are beginning to put more emphasis on their paid users.


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