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Introduction to Mozy

Everyone should have a backup plan. No matter whom you are, how much data you use, how often you use it… if there is but one bit of important data on your computer, it needs backing up. If you’re an enterprise then there is no question about the importance of backing up.

Despite all of this, a lot of users don’t have a sufficient backup plan in place. Not backing up your data is flirting with fire, so let’s take a look at one backup offering on the market: Mozy. This article will explore its features and see whether it’s worth using.

Mozy usually backs all of your data up to the cloud, but it does have a feature called Mozy 2xProtect that will automatically back up files locally to an external drive, alongside going to the cloud. That’s double the protection. Local backup allows you to back up a large amount of data quicker than to the cloud. The benefit of being backed up to the cloud is that you can edit your files anywhere, on any device, and your changes will be synced.

There is one-click restore, meaning that you can get all of your files back with ease. You can receive emails and alerts from Mozy so that you know when your restore requests are ready for download. You can select groups of files, or just a previous version of a specific file, to restore.

Mozy’s interface allows you to browse your backups and find specific files and folders with ease. You can search up to 30 days’ worth of backups. Some file types, like photos, can be previewed before downloading to help quickly identify specific files.

For Enterprise and Pro users, Mozy offer an efficient way to get your initial backups done without burning out your bandwidth. For a price, depending on the amount of data needing to be backed up, Mozy will send a Data Shuttle to you overnight, on which you’ll perform the first backup. When done, put the Shuttle back in the box and send it back to the data centre. Data will be encrypted twice before loading onto the Shuttle; the second key is transmitted via SSL to the data centre and will be destroyed once your data has been uploaded.

Depending on your level of membership, you’ll be entitled to different types of support. Everyone is entitled to access the knowledge base, tutorials, community and documentation. Those with a Home subscription will also have live support chat. Enterprise and Pro users will be able to contact support via the phone. On average, you’ll wait less than two minutes to speak with someone. You’ll also apparently speak to someone who has a “thorough understanding” of the products and it won’t be outsourced.

Security is one of Mozy’s top priorities. During the backup process, all files are secured with a personal 256-bit AES or Mozy-managed 448-bit Blowfish encryption key and then transferred to their data centre over a SSL connection. Their servers are located in Tier 4 data centres, staffed round the clock.

MozyPro cloud backup plans start at just under £7 a month. Check out their official website to find out more about their tiered pricing and the service they offer.


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