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Introduction to Pogoplug

Choosing a cloud backup service is no easy task, especially considering how many different alternatives there are out there. There are various factors that you might look for in a cloud backup service: capacity, security and support to name three. This article will explore one of the offerings: Pogoplug.

Pogoplug has offices in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, Israel and employs 50 people across the two. It is run by Cloud Engines, a start up business that offers what they call “Backup 2.0”. The difference between Pogoplug and its competitors is that it offers two levels of service. The first is an unlimited cloud storage service that has been designed for the mobile, on-the-go lifestyle. The second is an in-home storage appliance that offers an unlimited private cloud. Let’s take a look at these two services in turn.

“There is a new wave of backup emerging, and it’s a lot more about protecting all of your devices and being able to easily move content between them,” says CEO of Pogoplug, Daniel Putterman.

The first is their cloud service. If you glance at Pogoplug’s official website then you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is simply a service for backing up your photos. The majority of the branding talks about saving those precious photos from holidays and graduation. However, the service is actually capable of holding much more, like documents and videos.

The great thing about storing your data in the Pogoplug cloud is that it’ll work across all your devices. If you’re using an Android phone and then switch over to your iPhone it’s not a problem. You’ll still be able to access your data and make changes to it. This will then be simultaneously synced across the cloud and updated across all other devices.

Pogoplug also enables automatic backup, helping protect your data further. The moment you have finished capturing a photo or video the service will upload it to the cloud, ensuring a peace of mind and stopping you having to worry about constant backups.

Pogoplug encrypts your data using AES-256 and is apparently regularly audited by security experts to ensure that data is kept safe. Your data is also stored in multiple data centres with near 100% reliability.

All of this is available for $5 a month or $50 a year – unlimited cloud storage to keep your data safe and available.

The second offering is, confusingly, also called Pogoplug. This hooks up to a wireless router and an external hard drive to create a private cloud. This would be great in the home or for a small business. The cloud service works to your internet connection and the limitations that come with that, but the Pogoplug device is quick to function. It then gradually, over time, copies your data over to data centres. The company call this an “acceleration tool” and it’s by no means necessary as part of the Pogoplug cloud.

“There are more mobile devices than human beings on the planet at this point,” says Daniel Putterman. “We think there are a lot of people who want cross-platform access to their data.”


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