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Intronis Adjusts Pricing Plan for Changing Business Needs

Intronis is an online cloud backup and disaster recovery company. The business has recently announced that they are making changes to their pricing structure in order to stay in line with changing business needs.

The firm now offer fixed monthly plans in two flavours: the first, their basic plan, is entry-level protection and offers 100GB cloud storage and unlimited local storage; the second, their unlimited plan, offers just that – unlimited cloud and local storage – which they claim is the best value around.

It is being called the Intronis U2 Plan. The company believe that this flat-fee unlimited offering will allow managed service providers and value-added resellers to better address customer’s data storage and data protection needs. A flat pricing structure makes things simpler and easier to account for; business can continue without worry about reaching data limits or extortionate costs about going over them.

Alongside the announcement came another, introducing Intronis ECHOplatform. This new platform supports a number of services, plugins and extensions like physical imaging, VMware and Hyper-V, and SQL and Exchange backup. It was created to help simplify the delivery of backup and protection services for Intronis’ channel partners. As such, it plays hosts to an open API, integration with service automation and remote monitoring and management tools.

All of the Intronis ECHOplatform can now be accessed for this flat price, which the company believe makes them stand out over competitors. Although others do offer unlimited storage at a fixed rate, it is true that the industry has a lot of ‘per byte’ pricing models that often end up costing more than would be expected.

Intronis believe that this new pricing structure will help providers generate better business opportunities. No longer will the focus be on the value of the storage, but instead on the correct data protection strategy for the client’s needs.

“We are declaring the end of the legacy ‘per gigabyte’ pricing models that have long been the norm in our industry,” said Rick Faulk, the CEO at Intronis. “In today’s rapidly evolving market, it no longer makes sense for our partners to be forced to justify the price of their services ‘by the gig.’ Moving forward, our partners will be able to focus on delivering valuable data protection services with a predictable monthly cost. This will generate a massive transformation in how our partners go to market, and create more opportunity to grow their revenues and profits.”

“By removing the variability of storage-based pricing, Intronis is providing me with greater flexibility in how I price backup to my customers. Now I can maximize both the data protection services I provide my customers and the profit potential for my business,” said Larry Phelps, the Vice President of Sales at Solbrekk Business Technology Solutions. They are an IT service provider based in Minneapolis, Minn and are one of Intronis’ many partners.

Further detail on Intronis’ new pricing structure, along with other information on the service, can be found on the company’s official website (where you can also request a quote).


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