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Introduction to Intronis

Intronis, headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is a private company that was originally founded in 2003. Specializing in cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services, Itronis made their initial impact as a reseller of off-site data backup and archival solutions. They organization has made some tremendous leaps and bounds since then, however, and they are currently recognized as one of the leading providers of cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery in the 21st century.

The ECHOplatform, one of Intronis' most popular services, still provides off-site data protection. However, it also includes a number of on-site solutions for those who would prefer to store their data locally. Intronis' ECHOplatform is currently available a monthly fixed rate, which includes unlimited cloud-based storage for all of their customers.

Chuck DeLouis, Intronis' vice president of product management, spoke highly of his company's ECHOplatform technology. He was quoted as saying: " Our partners require near-instantaneous local availability. They also require a choice as to what they recover. We offer the capability of recovering just a single file, pulled from an image, or the entire virtual machine or server itself. Our partners serve a wide variety of business sizes and segments. Over the years, they've had to deploy and manage multiple platforms to satisfy their clients' data protection requirements."

Other services provided through the Intronis ECHOplatform include VMware Backup and Hyper-V Backup: two separate solutions for the archival as well as the rapid recovery of virtual machines, as well as Exchange Backup: a dedicated solution for the protection of data generated through Microsoft Exchange. Finally, the ECHOplatform also provides physical image-based data backups, bare metal restoration, server-based backups and more.

Just in case their experience doesn't speak for itself, Intronis has also received a number of awards from their peers within the IT industry. Not only were they listed as one of "The 20 Coolest Cloud Storage Vendors of the 2015 Cloud 100" by CRN, but they were also named as one of the "Most Admired Channel Vendors of 2014" by The 2112 Group. Moreover, Intronis' Vice President of Partner Success, Jasmine Lombardi, has been the recipient of numerous awards in her own right.

Rick Faulk, Intronis' CEO, spoke highly about the awards received from The 2112 Group as well from other sources. He was quoted as saying: "As part of our ongoing commitment to helping our channel partners succeed in growing their businesses, we introduced several new products and initiatives during 2014. We also invested in the development of tools, best practices, and online training and support programs. These programs are intended to help our channel partners successfully brand, market and sell complete data protection services as part of their ongoing managed services agreements."

To find out more information about Intronis, interested parties can visit their website at Here you'll find a comprehensive listing of Intronis products and services, partnership information, a plethora of online resources, technical support and even detailed information about the organization's history, mission statement and goals. An online portal is also available there, which lets you speak with a live representative through instant messaging. A representative can also be reached by calling 1-800-569-0155.


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