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Will the iPhone 14 Include Satellite Connectivity?

With the Apple iPhone 14 currently under production, Apple loyalists are already beginning to speculate at the next-gen features that might be included. There are no shortage of rumors surrounding the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone, from potential changes in the general design, to pricing, and even to possible new features for the integrated camera, there has been plenty of gossip to date.

Satellite Connectivity?

According to a recent report, the engineering team with Apple has recently completed satellite connectivity testing for their upcoming iPhone 14. While this was a popular rumor leading up to the iPhone 13, which eventually made its debut without satellite connectivity, many researchers think that this feature might finally reach the hands of consumers with the iPhone 14.

Satellite connectivity might sound like outdated technology – and that’s one reason why it’s such an attractive feature. With a satellite connection, iPhone users would be able to make phone calls and even send text messages – even in areas that don’t offer cellular coverage. It’s the ideal alternative for emergency situations.

But testing satellite connectivity doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be included with the iPhone 14. While we do have confirmation that the engineering team was testing some sort of satellite connectivity, there’s no word as to whether or not their tests were successful. Such a feature likely wouldn’t be implemented unless it works flawlessly, or close to it, so there’s still a chance that we won’t see it in the next iPhone release.

No More Mini

According to the latest reports, the upcoming line of iPhones will do away with the Mini version altogether. However, we’re still expected different pricing options – including a high-end and a low-end iteration – each of which will likely include two different sizing options. With a total of four different sizes altogether, most users will still be able to find something that fits their style – even if it is slightly bigger than previous models.

Removing the SIM Card

The rumors have been circling about SIM-less smartphones for years, but at the time of this writing, it has yet to be accomplished. After all, modern smartphones rely on SIM cards to store important device identification information that could be used in an emergency. In some cases, SIM cards are even used to store contact details, text messages, and other limited bits of information.

However, some sources that claim to have insider information are reporting that the team with Apple is already prepping major wireless carriers to support the new eSIM platform. Moreover, another source, who claims to be familiar with the design of the iPhone 14, says the slot for the SIM card – which is pretty much standard on all cell phones – has been eliminated.

The Far Out Event

While much of the upcoming iPhone 14 remains a mystery thus far, we are expected to receive more information at Apple’s Far Out event in September. If the device does make its debut as expected, we’ll likely see its mainstream release come only a week or two after the event.


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