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Iron Mountain Joins Virtustream to Provide Cloud-Based Backup

As a worldwide leader in the niche of information management and data storage in the 21st century, it's safe to say that the enterprise of Iron Mountain maintains some pretty heavy software requirements. Between multiple next-gen facilities and a customer base that includes businesses and consumers alike, the company's reputation very much depends on their ability to protect the data of their customers and provide top-notch service accessibility at all times.

Given the gravity of their software needs, the news that Virtustream has been chosen to oversee the automation and security needs of cloud-oriented data says a lot about the company. With a rock-solid reputation in the industry, Virtustream, an EMC Federation company, is no stranger to mission-critical operations, reliability and customer service across all cloud architectures.

Although it might come as a surprise to some, the majority of the data stored by Iron Mountain is still archived on tape-based media. While the adoption of cloud technology for data archival has grown substantially, and continues to do so, the trend of using traditional and reliable tape backup also continues to grow; albeit at a much slower rate.

Eileen Sweeney, senior vice president and general manager of Data Manager with Iron Mountain, described some of the customer-centric benefits of the recent partnership. She was quoted as saying: "To enable our customers to adapt their data management processes to these challenges, we are embracing technology and offering clients a hybrid approach to manage all types of data, through various stages of the data lifecycle. Partnerships with companies like Virtustream provide the technology foundation to offer an advanced portfolio of solutions that will enable our customers, regardless of size or budget, to adopt cloud services to advance their data management agendas."

Virtustream is known by some as a provider of cloud services in their own right. Their xStream software, which offers streamlined cloud management on behalf of third-party service providers, has proven to be quite popular over the past few years. When EMC acquired the company in 2015, the development and consistency of Virtustream products and service offerings has skyrocketed.

Kevin Reid, chief technology officer and president with Virtustream, spoke excitedly about the joint venture as well as the future of the partnership. He was quoted as saying: "“Iron Mountain is transforming the data management and data storage industries. Our shared commitment to innovation, plans for continuous development, and other synergies between our companies form the foundation for a strong, sustainable partnership."

While the recent partnership between Iron Mountain and Virtustream isn't expected to lead to any revolutionary breakthroughs, the venture is necessary in order to ensure the consistency, reliability and validity of Iron Mountain's tremendous data archives for years and even decades to come.

To find out more information about Iron Mountain, including information on how their services can be used to help you or your company succeed, please visit their official website at Conversely, those who want to learn more about Virtustream can visit their website at


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