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Introducing the AMADEUS Platform for Military Data Storage

Today's IT professionals are collecting data from every kind of environment imaginable – including the battlefield. With growing concerns over collecting and securing information as well as transporting the physical devices that house that data, the development team with Kaman Precision Products, Inc. has recently unveiled the Advanced Memory and Data Exchange Universal System; aka AMADEUS.

Introducing AMADEUS for military and aerospace applicaitons

Put simply, the AMADEUS makes it easier to collect and transport data – particularly in isolated regions where immediate network access isn't readily available. As such, it's primarily geared toward applications in defense and aerospace.

The AMADEUS consists of a convenient, pocket-sized ground station adapter, or GSA, as well a Model 9740 Multi-Port data transfer unit. Actual data storage is provided by the four removable memory cards that are included, each of which contains 2TB of storage capacity and built-in AES 256 encryption.

Moreover, the entire unit is designed for quick and easy access to nearly any computer system that supports the USB 3.0 standard – including desktops, servers, and laptops. The unit was specifically designed with the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) avionics standard in mind; thus furthering its case for use in military applications.

At its core, the AMADEUS is powered by the 9740 multi-port adapter. This unit supports simultaneous data interfaces and features 10-gigabit Ethernet connectivity. It also supports real-time audio and video recording via SMPTE 292 or NTSC (RS-170). In order to provide maximum durability, all of this technology is encased in a stainless steel, hermetically sealed case.

The AMAEDUS isn't just designed to collect data – it's meant to withstand harsh environments and dangerous conditions while protecting the data contained within. As such, it's ideal for data analytics on the battlefield or throughout our solar system.

Joining forces with the U.S. Air Force

In addition to releasing the AMAEDUS unit, the Kaman Corporation's aerospace segment is also benefitting from a contract modification in their Joint Programmable Fuze (JPF) order with the U.S. Air Force (USAF).

Richard Barnhart, president of Kaman's Aerospace group, was recently quoted as saying: "We are proud to be the sole provider of the JPF to the USAF and are happy to support the additional JPF requirements under Option 14. Our investments in this program have prepared us to support the increased demand in JPF from the USAF and Foreign Militaries. Over the past year we have received JPF orders in excess of $600 million and continue to discuss future options with the USAF while pursuing additional JPF orders with foreign militaries. With the mission flexibility and high reliability rates the JPF offers, we believe that it will continue to be a strong contributor for many years to come."

As this news following a series of new investments and partnerships, Kaman is certainly making its presence known throughout the aerospace and military sectors.
For more information on Kaman Precision Products, including further details on the AMADEUS system or any of their other solutions, please visit their official site at {{|}}.


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