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Kaspersky Offering Social Media Backup

Although social media sites are a dime-a-dozen, they still remain a staple in the lives of many computer users around the globe. With such an emphasis place on social networking in the 21st century, you'd think some of these sites would offer a built-in feature to backup or archive the content you've upload and posted throughout the years. However, many of them simply do not.

Whether it's due to a lack of forethought or if they genuinely don't believe it's a feature that's worth the hassle, the vast majority of popular social media portals offer no recourse whatsoever for backing up your profile data, either online or off. It's an option that just isn't as common as you would think. The sites that do currently offer an archive, which includes Facebook and Twitter, require a manual request process that can take days to complete.

Recognizing a brand new niche to fill, the team with Kaspersky has recently introduced a new software app, known as FFForget, which does the job quite well. It's not that Kaspersky is some startup business or enterprise; they've already earned a reputation through their popular antivirus software. Instead, the developers with Kaspersky are simply looking to provide an extra service to the community. Moreover, they're doing so at no cost to the average user.

There is a premium pricing plan, which starts at a lowly $1.99 per month, if you wish to upgrade and access some advanced functionality. Options available to monthly subscribers include the ability to automatically backup data from the four major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google), API synchronization in real-time and the ability to browse and organize your archived content.

For those who opt for the free version of FFForget, you'll still benefit from the ability to manually backup data from one major social media network of your choice as well as basic encryption. Users of both the free and premium services all benefit from no annoying advertisements and no online tracking.

Some features such, as the military-grade encryption available with their premium service, can even be customized to meet your exact needs or specifications. With the option to choose between DES, AES or Blowfish technologies, FFForget boasts the same level of versatility and flexibility as the rest of Kaspersky's product family.

According to the Kaspersky, who conducted a large-scale online poll before launching their new service, more than 20 percent of respondents expressed concern in losing their digital photos when they decide to quit one site or another. The survey continued to state that almost 80 percent of users had already thought about leaving one or more of their current networks. Nearly 40 percent truly believe that they are wasting valuable time on social media.

It is important to note that a full-scale release of the product has yet to be achieved. The software's website mentions a closed beta that is scheduled to take place in early 2017. Users can sign up for an invite to the beta by entering their email address at the official site, located at


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