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Kindle Fire HD: How Much Storage is Enough?

If you are looking to buy a Kindle Fire then you will be presented with various options when it comes to storage capacity. The Kindle Fire comes with 8 GB on the device, while the HD version comes with either 16 GB or 32 GB, depending on the price point. You might be wondering how much storage you are going to need on your tablet. This depends on a few things, namely what you are going to be using it most for. For example, if you want to watch a lot of films then that is going to take up more storage than eBooks (films will operate in GB while eBooks in K). This article will guide you through the Kindle HD’s storage capabilities and help you decide how much storage is enough.
First of all, you should note that the Kindle Fire HD comes with support for Amazon Cloud Storage. Storing things in the cloud means that you can access your data at any moment, wherever you are. Amazon has their own cloud infrastructure which stores any digital purchases you make in their store (like downloading a music album, for example). As such, you will be able to listen to your purchased music both on your computer and on your tablet by streaming it through the internet.
In this sense, the Kindle Fire HD has unlimited storage when it comes to things purchased through Amazon. They also offer up to 5 GB of additional free storage for things not brought in through the Amazon ecosystem. For example, some videos that you have on your PC could be uploaded to Amazon Cloud Storage; this will use up some of the 5 GB capacity, but a film download purchased via Amazon will not.
However, Amazon isn’t the only company to offer cloud storage. Although the Kindle Fire HD is obviously their product, and tying everything into their ecosystem is handy, other apps can be downloaded that offer greater cloud capacity. For example, one of these is Dropbox. This is a free service that offers varying levels of storage space.
Of course, storing things in the cloud means that you do need a constant internet connection in order to access the data. If you are somewhere without WiFi then you will not be able to stream, say, a film that you have stored in your cloud account. It is here that buying the larger capacity Kindle Fire HD could come in useful.
As to how far those GB stretch: if you are just storing things like eBooks then the 16 GB will hold around 8800 books. Things like documents will take up hardly any space, with the real killer being video. Depending on how you encode it, a standard film will probably be around 1.5 GB. If you want to have a big collection of films on your tablet then the 32 GB model is the one to go for here. If, however, you just want music and photos then you may find that the 16 GB model suits your needs quite nicely.


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