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Overview of the Kodak PRINERGY Cloud

Originally known for film products, Kodak was also one of the earliest pioneers of digital imaging technology. To that extent, it should come as no surprise that their latest development, the Kodak PRINERGY Cloud, is their attempt to push their boundaries even further. Meant specifically for modern print service providers, or PSPs, the PRINERY Cloud is the first of its kind and a sign of things to come in a highly specialized niche.

Introducing the PRINERGY Cloud

Customers of the Kodak PRINERGY Cloud can expect to bolster their operations in many different ways. First, the platform is meant to be completely scalable, reliable and secure. Integrated backup utilities provide data loss protection and automated archival, so you be able to safeguard your valuable data with minimal input on your behalf.

The Kodak PRINERGY Cloud is also meant to help you control costs. One of the primary selling points of the service, Kodak offers SaaS pricing as a means of minimizing your spending while still giving you the functionality of current-gen software.

Allan Brown, vice president and general manager with Kodak and their Unified Workflow Solutions group, touted the cloud and importance by stating: “We are committed to helping our customers stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-moving market. The benefits of cloud services for printers are clear. We are taking that one step further by delivering new, industry-first automation solutions that help PSPs make informed decisions to better serve their businesses, and in turn, increase profitability.”

Kodak’s PRINERY Cloud is currently hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. While this combination alone would be enough to draw the attention of most, Kodak is introducing another partner to the mix.

Welcoming a Brand New Partner

But Kodak isn’t alone in the development of the PRINERGY Cloud. They’re receiving hands-on assistance from the team at Yellowfin, who specialize in big data management and analytics. Yellowfin’s embedded analytics architecture is even integrated directly into the PRINERGY cloud.

Peter Baxter, senior vice president of global sales with Yellowfin, spoke about the partnership by saying: “Yellowfin is excited to be working in partnership with Kodak to integrate world-class analytics into its new PRINERGY Cloud service, delivering an industry first solution for the print services industry. Powered by Yellowfin’s embedded analytics platform, PRINERGY Cloud’s Decision Analytics capability empowers print service providers to effectively and efficiently monitor their production costs in real-time, improving operational performance and boosting profits.”

Yellowfin doesn’t have the decades of experience that stands behind Kodak, but they’ve enjoyed their share of success. With over 2 million end-users and customers across 70 countries, the team certainly knows their way around business intelligence and data analytics.

The Future of Print Service Management

PSPs stand to benefit greatly from a platform like Kodak’s PRINERGY Cloud. Not only are startups able to increase their exposure and competitiveness by controlling costs, but established PSPs are able to use their historical data to make better, well-informed business decisions in the future. To find out more information about Kodak, the Kodak PRINERGY Cloud or any of their other products, services or solutions, please visit their official website at


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