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Lenovo Toying With Idea of Their Own Virtual Reality System

With Microsoft's HoloLens and Sony's PlaystationVR preparing to ship to consumers around the globe, the entire world is ramping up their anticipation for console-driven virtual reality. While there are already some devices that are capable of providing the user with a pseudo virtual reality experience, such as Google Cardboard and similar devices, including Lenovo's own AntVR, the technology has yet to hit the home gaming console.

Embracing Virtual Reality

However, gamers aren't the only ones who are excited for the upcoming shift to VR gaming. In fact, Lenovo is already toying with the idea of their own full-scale VR system. While nothing has been set in stone, the company has hinted toward the possibility.
Peter Hortensius, chief technology officer of Lenovo, was quoted as saying: "We're comfortable with bringing these kinds of things to market as customer demand grows."

Coming up with their own console-based virtual reality system isn't the only option Lenovo has when it comes to marking their place in the upcoming world of VR gaming. Lenovo could, in theory, license HoloLens technology for their own use. The Microsoft HoloLens is currently compatible with Microsoft 10.

Organizational Restructuring

Lenovo has also announced a major organizational restructuring campaign effective as of April 1, 2016. Whether or not the changes will have any impact on their future plans toward virtual reality is anybody's guess, but the team with Lenovo remains optimistic.

Yang Yuanqing, chairman and current CEO of Lenovo, was quoted as saying: "The changes announced will build on our successes, rapidly deliver this transformation and ultimately drive Lenovo into a new phase of growth." He continued by saying: "If you want to access the mature markets you need two things: innovative products and a premium brand," and: "We want to break into the mature markets this year. You definitely can expect that."

Setting virtual reality aside for a moment, the concept of augmented reality has also garnered a lot of attention. Moreover, given Lenovo's development of a brand new smartphone that features AR technology, it's safe to say that they're still committed to supporting new and upcoming technologies.

The Competition is Heating Up

Apart from Lenovo, Microsoft and Sony may also see competition from HP. However, it is important to note that HP's concept revolves around an idea of blended reality as opposed to virtual reality. HP's blended reality platform involves the manipulation, including the creation and printing, of various 3D objects.

Neither Lenovo nor HP has established a dedicated webpage for virtual reality technology, which suggests the ideas are far from being finalized by either company. While such thoughts may never come to fruition, the idea that Microsoft and Sony could be facing some real competition in the area of console-based VR gaming is a very real and exciting possibility for the near future.

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