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Logicalis Offering Backup-as-a-Service and Managed Backup Solutions

Logicalis, a team of IT professionals with a solid reputation of nearly 40 years in the industry, is known for fulfilling a comprehensive range of IT needs in nearly every professional sector imaginable. In order to continue offering a complete and updated portfolio of services, as well as to maintain competitiveness in the market, the experts at Logicalis have recently unveiled their plans for backup-as-a-server, also known as BaaS, in order to complement the managed backup solutions they've offered over the years.

What is Backup-as-a-Service?

Simply put, the concept of BaaS allows an enterprise to store only the content they need, as well as for the length of time needed, while still maintaining data integrity as well as observing full compliance with corporate requirements and standards. This eliminates the need for operating expensive hardware in-house, thereby lowering costs as well as internal manpower.

Backup-as-a-service also lets enterprise leaders focus on business-specific needs and goals that will further the development of their organization instead of having to worry about data management and protection on their own. Finally, Logicalis' BaaS still provides quick and easy access to information as it is needed, thereby ensuring business continuity and user accessibility.

Primary Benefits

There are numerous key benefits associated with BaaS as provided by the team at Logicalis. First and foremost is a drastic reduction in internal IT costs and risks. By outsourcing data backup functionality to a company like Logicalis, enterprise officials can free up resources that can be used more effectively and efficiently in other areas.

Scalability is another key component of Logicalis' BaaS offering. Capable of growing right alongside a business, enterprise figureheads and IT officials will never have to worry about running out of resources such as storage space or bandwidth. All of this is handled by the experts at Logicalis, and all of it is fully scalability to meet the future data backup needs of any enterprise.

Key Features

Now that the benefits of Logicalis' BaaS are clear, let's take a look at some of the key features of the service. For starters, users of Logicalis' BaaS will enjoy endpoint data management in the way of automated backups, advanced security through various encryption methods and mobile accessibility. Furthermore, Logicalis' patented SendOnce technology, which offers an incredibly efficient deduplication process, has been known to reduce endpoint data storage needs by as much as 85%.

Managed Backup Services

In addition to backup-as-a-service, Logicalis also offers a multitude of managed backup services. These services provide system management, incident management, change control, upgrade support, access to third-party support providers and full certification through ISO27001 and ISO9001. Regularly reporting lets enterprise leaders stay updated on any security incidents, while simultaneously allowing them to easily disseminate information such as return-on-investment figures.

Finally, users of Logicalis' managed backup services can also benefit from consultation with IT professionals from the Logicalis team, including security-cleared analysts. To find out more information about Logicalis, including their backup-as-a-service offerings or their managed backup services, please visit their website at


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