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LogicNow Unveils MAX ServiceDesk 2.2

Currently considered the global market leader in providing cloud-based IT service management to managed service providers and end-user enterprises, LogicNow has their hand in many facets of today’s IT industry. As such, it’s easy to see why their MAX ServiceDesk software, which gives organizations the ability to forge and centralize their own technical support system, is so popular. Moreover, it’s also easy to see why the latest software update is already making headlines across the industry.

The latest version of the LogicNow MAX ServiceDesk, version 2.2, includes a number of new features meant to bolster productivity on behalf of managed service providers. In direct response to suggestions from their large community of users, most of the new features seen in MAX ServiceDesk 2.2 revolve around time management, customer relations and agent scheduling. Moreover, the new and improved user interface means the software is easier to navigate than ever before.

Alistair Forbes, general manager with LogicNow, explained how MAX ServiceDesk 2.2 can help alleviate some of the troubles faced by IT service providers today. He was quoted as saying: “It is frustrating for IT Service Providers that many of the obstacles inhibiting their growth are the same as those they faced five or even ten years ago – time tracking and productivity management are still causing issues for those ambitious companies wanting to reach the next level. After detailed consultation with our customer community, we have therefore developed ServiceDesk 2.2 specifically to help overcome these hurdles. Excellent customer and issue management can be a huge deciding factor in the success of an IT service provider when trying to grow or move from break/fix to MSP.”

The latest update to LogicNow’s MAX ServiceDesk 2.2 has already been rolled out to new and existing customers of the software. In fact, those who have experienced the upgrade are already praising the improved functionality.

Joe Mitchell, business support engineer with Cloud Computer Services, a company who has already used the latest version of LogicNow MAX ServiceDesk, had nothing but positive remarks about the latest software release. He was quoted as saying: “The new UI has really improved - it’s clearer and less cluttered with better access to and visibility of key information. By placing the most important information on the main dashboard screen, I get a full picture of all the queues, SLA warnings and breaches without needing to dig through menus or produce reports.” He went on to say: “The best feature in this release - by a mile - is the custom views. I can build as many custom views as I like, so I can focus on a particular task or queue without all of the other information getting in the way. For me, getting a clear picture is key and ServiceDesk 2.2 nails that.”

To find out more information about LogicNow, including access to a free trial of MAX ServiceDesk 2.2, interested parties are invited to visit their website at Visitors to the site will also find online technical support, regularly scheduled webinars, community portals and a bevy of complementary resources.


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