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Amazon's Lookout for Equipment Takes Aim at Predictive Maintenance

With more factories embracing automation and AI-driven technology more than ever before, it should come as no surprise that some of the biggest names in IT are starting to introduce their own solutions for the factory floor. Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is already getting ahead of the competition with the Amazon Lookout for Equipment service.

Meant to facilitate predictive and preventative maintenance on behalf of industrial machinery, Amazon Lookout for Equipment uses various sensors to monitor metrics like fluid pressure, flow rate, machine RPMs, operating temperature, and more. This data is then processed through advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately identify early warning signs and predict equipment breakdowns before they happen. Not only can this save on costly repairs, but it could help save lives, too.

What is Amazon Lookout for Equipment?

Amazon Lookout for Equipment is more than just a predictive maintenance tool for the factory floor. Not only can it identify equipment abnormalities quicker and more precisely than human engineers, but it can accurately diagnose issues well before they happen. It also uses machine learning capabilities to actually improve on its own abilities over the course of time.

Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Amazon Machine Learning with AWS, spoke about the need for machine learning on the factory floor by saying: "Many industrial and manufacturing companies have heavily invested in physical sensors and other technology with the aim of improving the maintenance of their equipment. But even with this gear in place, companies are not in a position to deploy machine learning models on top of the reams of data due to a lack of resources and the scarcity of data scientists. As a result, they miss out on critical insights and actionable findings that would help them better manage their operations."

It's rather easy to get started with Amazon Lookout for Equipment, too. With no commitment requirements and a pricing model that only charges for the data you actually use, the new service relies on standard Amazon S3 storage to automatically analyze data. From there, it's processed through a machine learning model that is custom-designed to match the device's operating environment.

Real-Time Data Processing & Analysis

The data is analyzed in real-time, so alerts can be given to the machine operator or engineer as soon as an issue is detected. Such round-the-clock monitoring of machinery is impossible for a human team, but Amazon Lookout for Equipment runs quietly in the background until an issue is detected.

While Amazon Lookout for Equipment can, in theory, be applied to any factory machinery, it's primarily designed for machines like large-scale generators, compressors, and wind turbines. Some of their current customers include the likes of Siemens Energy, Koch Ag & Energy Solutions, Cepsa, Hitachi Vantara, Seek, and several other prominent brands.

Amazon Lookout for Equipment is available now. For more information on Amazon Lookout for Equipment, or to get started using the service right away, please visit their official website at


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