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Seagate Braces for IT 4.0 with New Seagate Lyve Data Labs

It's difficult to keep track of all the latest IT trends. Between the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and, most recently, IT 4.0, the amount of jargon tossed around the industry is enough to confuse anyone. But this isn't stopping companies from trying to capitalize on the next big breakthrough – which is, in this case, IT 4.0. Brands like Seagate are already stepping up to accommodate the new technology.

What is IT 4.0?

Putting it simply, IT 4.0 represents the 4th significant wave of technological growth and development in modern times. In comparison, IT 1.0 describes the time when computers first hit the mainstream. IT 2.0 represents the mainstream embrace of personal computers and client-server workstations and IT 3.0 signifies the onset of mobile computing and smartphone technology.

As we're now in the midst of IT 4.0, it's important to understand exactly what this means. It represents a brand new approach to data management – including advanced processing algorithms, next-gen artificial intelligence (AI) and even pending technologies like 5G. Whereas previous iterations revolved around passive data management, the new format takes a much more active approach.

Seagate attempted to shed some more light on the concept of IT 4.0 in a recent blog post by saying: "Considering this change, companies across various industries grapple with evolving to IT 4.0 while intelligently managing their own operations—all while introducing new products and solutions to a consumer market with a voracious appetite for everything shiny and new. There’s the hand-held phone that we want to replace every year with something that has more features; the app-driven, connected vehicle; and the smart home devices that we want to function ever more ... well, smartly."

'''Introducing Seagate's Lyve Data Labs'''

In order to accommodate active data management, Seagate has recently pioneered the Lyve Data Labs. A physical location that exists at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Longmont, Colorado, the facility aims to solve next-gen problems and issues with data management through the application of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions.

Seagate's recent blog post describes Lyve Data Labs as "a collaborative workspace with direct access to solutions, playbooks, and technical experts so our partners can focus on what they do best while not reinventing the data management wheel. By breaking down technical and time barriers to product conceptualization, development, and adoption, the technology that come out of the labs will spur the next generation of IT infrastructure: IT 4.0."

Their current service provides customers with three concrete functions, including:

- Increased supply chain efficiency through extensive testing and validation

- Greater competitiveness through Seagate's libraries of advanced solutions

- All-in-one solutions that cover all of the mission-critical infrastructure and systems

For more information on Seagate's Lyve Data Labs, including details on any of their current research or breakthroughs, please visit their official website at {{|}}. To find out more information on Seagate Technology, known for their HDDs and data storage devices, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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