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M3 Celebrates 20 Years, Introduces New Analytics Platforms

M3 is well-known in the hospitality industry. Originally founded by John McKibbon, the company helped countless hotels and resorts usher in the digital age with a dedicated, digitized hotel accounting system. The platform first released to the public in 1985 – and M3 continues to help hotel companies around the world.

In fact, they've recently celebrated their 20th anniversary – and they're unveiling some new platforms that promise to continue support the hotel industry for years to come.

Casi Johnson, chief operations officer and innovations leader with M3, spoke about the company's future plans by saying: ''"Reinvesting in the success of our customers is paramount. Our development strategy is simply to make our customers' lives easier by giving them what they want and staying one-step ahead of their needs."''

The M3 Business Intelligence Platform

M3 is using their 20th anniversary celebration to release their brand new Business Intelligence Platform. Designed from the end user's perspective, the program directly benefits owners, operators and asset managers in a myriad of ways, including:

- Highly interactive and user-driven dashboards for managing day-to-day activities

- Full compatibility with today's mobile platforms and systems

- Comprehensive reporting and analytical functionality

As such, M3's Business Intelligence Platform is geared with next-gen connectivity in mind. The fundamental technology driving the platform is expected to remain relevant for years or decades – even if the face of today's rapid technological progression and development.

The M3 Intelligent Imaging Platform

M3's Intelligent Imaging Platform is designed with data entry workflows in mind. It complements the current functionality of embedded digital imagery with Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, which automates much of the data entry associated with scanning and converting images into your database.

The platform helps end users in a variety of other ways, too, including eliminating the need to mail invoices or store localized, paper documents. Not only does it help bolster sustainability, but it streamlines and optimizes day-to-day operations in the process.

Opening New Offices

The team with M3 is also opening new offices and facilities around the world. It's a clear sign that M3 plans on maintaining their industry presence for quite some time to come.

Allen Read, president and partner of M3, spoke about the opening of two new offices – one in Georgia and the other in Florida, by saying: ''"Our new offices embody M3's commitment to relentless innovation. The new spaces better enable us to answer the ever-changing needs of the hospitality industry while providing our teams with a collaborative work environment to attract new talent from Atlanta and Tampa's growing tech sectors."''

In addition, M3 entered into a special partnership with French Duncan, based out of Scotland – marking M3's first hotel group outside of the U.S – and they've recently expanded operations into Canada with a multi-property site in Manitoba.

To find out more information on M3, including details on any of the latest news or developments, please visit their official website at Interested parties can also request a system demo before committing to a full-on purchase.


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