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Using MailBakup to Backup All Major Email Services

There's no denying the fact that the consumer market is flooded with free email and data storage options. From the likes of Hotmail and Yahoo to Office 365 and even the plethora of Google apps that are available, many of us find it difficult to simply remember our account information for every different site. Such problems are only compounded when it comes to securing and archiving your content from multiple online sources.

If you find that you are struggling with this very problem, MailBakup might be the answer you've been searching for. Fully compatible with the free email services of Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and Gmail, and with the option to backup data from Microsoft Office 365 or from your Google apps, it's a highly versatile and useful tool that centralizes the archival process on behalf of the user.

Depending on the service you're archiving, MailBakup isn't necessarily limited to the contents of your inbox. With Gmail, for example, the software gives you the option to backup all the data included in your account, including contact information, calendar data and other types of content. Office 365 users are able to create a full backup file that captures the entirety of their Office 365 account.

Apart from the comprehensive backup abilities of MailBakup, the software is includes a number of extra features that add even more functionality to the package. The ability to automatically delete data from each server after downloading to your local storage lets your purge the information contained within any of your online accounts in a manner that is fast and secure.

Moreover, MailBakup even provides the option of pausing and resuming your backup process at any time. Not only does this account for any unscheduled interruptions, such as those caused by sudden power failures or acts of nature, but it also gives you the option of spreading your backup job across multiple shifts, days or even weeks.

Joseph Caim, head of MailBakup's support department, touted the functionality of his company's service by stating: "MailBakup provide a solution to the latest need of today’s generation i.e., Backup products. These products create backup file in any commonly used file formats and stores them on local machine. We offer solution to backup Gmail account to hard drive without any data loss and within just few clicks. The software is developed in such a way that clients need not perform any manual tricks to delete data from the server after downloading, if they use delete after option of our products. Our technical support team and sales support services are available 24x7 all-round the year to meet the demands and queries of clients."

Although MailBakup is still in its infancy, the software does provide a unique, versatile and much-needed service to the online public. If you are interested in finding out more information about MailBakup, please visit their official website at Current users of their software can also refer to the site for technical support, contact information and general information about the development team behind MailBakup.


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