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LogicNow Modifies Pricing Structure for MAX Backup

LogicNow’s MAX Backup service has been providing a comprehensive, versatile and straightforward means of protecting data on behalf of managed service providers around the globe. While their popular software has seen many updates throughout its lifespan, the team with LogicNow has recently unveiled a brand new pricing scheme for their MAX Backup and disaster recovery solution.

According to LogicNow, their MAX Backup service now features per-device pricing for workstations and servers alike. The move is meant to help managed service providers gain a better understanding of their options when the initial price quote is given.

However, not all of their customers stand to benefit from the new per-device price point. Specifically, customers who have very little data to archive on a regular basis may wind up paying more under the per-device pricing structure. As such, LogicNow is also offering a highly versatile pricing structure that is based on the amount of data that is actually backed up.

Dr. Alistair Forbes, general manager of the GFI MAX business unit, explained how important it is for managed service providers to provide comprehensive protection over the data of their customers. He was quoted as saying: “Protecting customers’ data and making it available rapidly in the event of a problem is one of the highest priorities for MSPs. With the new features introduced in this release of GFI MAX Backup, we are responding directly to customer feedback on what they need to deliver this effectively. In particular, the enhancements to the seed loading process and the continuous recovery feature are both major benefits to MSPs, which allow them to deliver faster initial protection and near real-time recovery services to their clients.”

There are currently nearly 5,000 IT and managed service providers who currently rely on ActiveNow’s MAX Backup service. Given the newly introduced pricing structure, LogicNow is hoping to expand their presence in the area of backup and disaster recovery tenfold within a span of two years.

Chris Groot, vice president of sales with MAX Backup & Recovery, elaborated on Dr. Forbes’ comments by saying: “MSPs want to be able to provide more value to their customers. Backup can easily be seen as a business continuity box-ticking exercise – as long as everything is safe if the worst happens, then all is well. But we and the MSPs we work with know that with disaster recovery, the speed of backup and the speed of recovery is vital.”


LogicNow is currently offering a 30-day trial of MAX Backup to any interested users, which can be downloaded from their website at Those who are interested in attaining a pricing quote, which is based on their brand new, per-device pricing scheme, can also do so at

To find out more information about LogicNow in general, interested parties can visit their official website at, where you’ll find a comprehensive product listing, recent press releases, company information and even a listing of current career opportunities with the company.


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