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McAfee Introduces New Security to Microsoft Azure Cloud

The experts with McAfee are no strangers to data storage and security. Responsible for one of the most popular antivirus programs to date, as well as other offerings in data security, their job is never complete. Between constantly updating virus definitions and detection algorithms to releasing upgraded software on an annual basis, they certainly have their hands full.

On top of their normal duties, various teams with McAfee are also working on an extension to their Cloud Security Platform – and it's ready for public use. Launched in tandem with Skyhigh Networks – a company that McAfee recently acquired – the platform provides complete and consistent protection to the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

Introducing Skyhigh Networks?

Although they've existed in relative obscurity thus far, the team with Skyhigh Networks is about to take the spotlight. The company was originally formed in 2011 as a cloud access security broker, or CASB, vendor.

Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president of McAfee's cloud security business unit and CEO of Skyhigh, pointed out the team's early embrace of cloud security by saying: "Skyhigh Networks had the foresight five years ago to realize that cybersecurity for cloud environments could not be an impediment to, or afterthought of, cloud adoption. They pioneered an entirely new product category called cloud access security broker that analysts describe as one of the fastest growing areas of information security investments of the last five years – where Skyhigh continues to innovate and lead."

'''Benefits of McAfee's New Cloud Security Platform'''

According to McAfee's original press release, their latest venture results in several new features within the McAfee Cloud Security Platform, including:

- Audit security configuration meant to close compliance gaps and reduce potential security risks.

- Integration of next-gen technologies like machine learning and advanced data science to help detect new threats.

- Automatic removal of identified malware as soon as it's detected. All traffic – including incoming and outgoing channels – are monitored for threats.

- Prevention of unauthorized datasets within Azure's storage services. Examples include Blob Storage.

- The ability to monitor the entire audit trail of users and administrators alike to support forensic investigations after a security incident. This feature also makes it easier to monitor and prevent the spread of new threats.

Gupta also explained his company's rationale for joining McAfee by stating: "Moving applications, data and workloads to the cloud exposes enterprises to new threats and risks. At the same time, the adoption of cloud allows organizations to transform their business. This is why we are on a mission to make cloud the most secure environment for business. The introduction of McAfee Cloud Security Platform for Microsoft Azure is an important step to fulfilling this mission for our customers."

How to Find out More Information

To find out more information about Skyhigh Networks, visit their official website at {{|}}. For more information on McAfee, including any recent news, software updates or technical support, please visit their official site at {{|}}.


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