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Examining Azure and its Blockchain Functionality

From digital currency to online gaming, it seems nearly all forms of modern technology are embracing the blockchain platform. There are plenty of reasons driving this trend – its records are secure, transparent and traceable. With so much emphasis being place on the new technology, it's easy to see why the team from Microsoft is showing tremendous interest.

The Microsoft Azure Blockchain

Microsoft first introduced blockchain technology to their Azure cloud platform back in 2016. While the blockchain hadn't yet waned in popularity, the team with Microsoft Azure wanted to make sure their service was ready to take full advantage of the new breakthrough.

A 2016 quote from Marley Gray, director of technology strategy with Microsoft's U.S. financial services division, stated: ''"Blockchain technologies will become even easier to build and test using Azure's DevTest Labs currently in preview," and "All Blockchain-related services and partners can now be set up in a lab environment and added as artifacts to the lab as you create it. This exciting development allows for partners and customers to decouple the Blockchain technology from the VM itself and apply these technologies more discretely."''

A Rapid Progression

Moving forward two years to 2018 lets us view this rapid development in real-time. The team with Microsoft recently unveiled the Azure Blockchain Workbench meant to jumpstart the development of blockchain-oriented apps, utilities and projects within Azure. Not only will it open the floodgates for more blockchain-based solutions, but it will give the public further insight into the fundamental concepts of the technology.
Plenty of high-profile brands already use the Azure Blockchain Workbench on a daily basis, including:

- 3M
- Moog
- Nestle
- Bank Hapoalim
- Apttus

In addition, Microsoft and Azure are further demonstrating blockchain technology with their Enclave-Ready Ethereum Virtual Machine, or eEVM. Although it's not meant as a product offering either now or in the future, it shows their commitment to exploring the potentials of the blockchain as well as some of the basic capabilities of the platform.

Hinting at the Future

While representatives with Microsoft made it clear that their eEVM is not an actual product that they plan to support in the future, it could be taken as a sign of things to come. They've made it clear that they believe their Azure platform is the best cloud architecture for blockchain development, and they've demonstrated a clear commitment to pursuing blockchain technology to its fullest extent.

Unfortunately, the fullest extent of the blockchain remains to be seen. It won't be until pioneers like the Azure team have more time to work with the platform and further explore its capabilities. While Microsoft's early embrace of blockchain is certainly a step in the right direction, there is a long road ahead of them before they revolutionize the industry via Azure and the blockchain.

For more information on Microsoft Azure, including the latest details surrounding the implementation of blockchain technology or news on any of their other products or services, please visit their official website at


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