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Microsoft Wants to Protect Your Personal Data

It's impossible to overstate the importance of protecting your personal information. Whether you're trying to safeguard your online accounts against hackers or even if you're just trying to keep your smartphone's data away from prying eyes, there are several different methods you can use; including password protection, encryption, and more.

But there's a brand new ally in the battle to protect your personal information – and it's coming from within Microsoft itself.

Enter the Data Dignity Team

Recently founded in September 2019, Microsoft's Data Dignity Team, located in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, is currently researching and developing new ways to keep your data safe. In fact, Microsoft has been a strong advocate of data privacy in the recent months and years – even in a time when the likes of Google and Facebook are facing increased criticism for their own data policies.

An earlier statement on the Data Dignity Team's "About" page read: "Our project re-imagines how people can control how their data is used and by whom, how data creators of all kinds can unionize, and how all this activity will grow the data labor market, for the benefit both of individuals and of technology that cannot exist without quantities of high-quality data. There is currently a flurry of burgeoning activity surrounding data as labor. In early 2019, California governor Gavin Newsom announced a proposed “Data Dividend” for California. Here at Microsoft, we have a brand new Data Dignity team headed by Christian Liensberger."

The team at Microsoft is also in the midst of developing Project Bali, which could come to fruition as the first product of their new Data Dignity Team. Although Project Bali was in private beta testing as early as January 2019, the fact that it's focused on data security and privacy suggests that development may have been taken over by the Data Dignity Team. Only time will tell.

Additional members of the Microsoft Data Dignity Team include Vi Hart, M Eifler, and Evelyn Eastmond. They are all engaged in various areas of research and development with the team. Apart from the aforementioned projects, they are also exploring mixed reality applications involving deep learning, advanced artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and more.

Microsoft also made headlines alongside Adobe and SAP with their announcement of the Open Data Initiative (ODI) in late 2018. The goal of this joint venture is to strengthen the customer experience by integrating data related to customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, sales, and more. Not only will it result in a more complete and satisfactory experience for future Microsoft customers, but it will make it easier to track individual demographics and customize services to fit their needs.

All of these events and activities are meant to achieve one thing – giving individual users greater control and security over their personal data. While there isn't a public timeline attached, we should see the innovations of the Data Dignity Team sooner rather than later.

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