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Siemens MindSphere Accommodates the Storage Needs of App Developers

Siemens MindSphere is a cloud-centric, IoT-based operating system that is meant for quick deployment and scalability. As more companies begin to adopt their business model to include cloud services, and as an increasing amount of appliances and devices are embracing the IoT as the next big advancement in information technology, products like MindSphere will certainly shape the future of 21st century computing.

To be more specific, MindSphere is meant to facilitate the storage, processing and analysis of large production-oriented datasets. As such, the platform is great for enterprises that are trying to optimize the allocation of resources, engage in predictive analysis and improve the management of data across the board.
With an increasing focus on cloud services and big data in general, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft is already showing an active interest in MindSphere. In fact, they've recently come to terms in a partnership agreement with the team responsible for Siemens MindSphere.

Sabine Bendiek, area vice president with Microsoft Germany, spoke about the enhanced flexibility and IT integration their customers will enjoy through the recent venture by saying: "With Azure, Microsoft is offering an innovative, secure and hyper-scalable global cloud computing platform. Integrating Siemens MindSphere and Microsoft Azure will fuel local innovation and provide customers greater flexibility and choice. It supports manufacturing companies to succeed with their digital transformation using public cloud solutions and benefit from the full potential offered by IoT, big data and machine learning applications."

For now, MindSphere's primary application is limited to the heavy industrial sector, including manufacturing plants, factories and warehouses. However, the open operating system is also showing potential in the areas of fleet logistics and maintenance. Both Microsoft and Siemens are hopeful that their recent partnership will pave the way for MindSphere in other industries, too.

Peter Weckesser, chief operating officer of the Siemens AG Product Lifecycle Management Division, described his company's enthusiasm for the future. He was quoted as saying: "We are delighted to be working with Microsoft to expand our MindSphere offering. This will help us drive forward the expansion of our open IoT ecosystem still further. It will create additional opportunities for customers, partners and third-party suppliers to use digital services and so enhance the productivity of plants and machines."

MindSphere was shown in great detail at the Siemens MindSphere Lounge conference, which was held in Nuremberg, Germany in late November 2016. Apart from introducing the innovative operating system to the general public, it also gave the teams with Siemens and Microsoft the chance to generate interest from potential app developers.

While MindSphere still has a long way to go before it's benefits are fully realized, the recent venture with Microsoft certainly has them poised to revolutionize the future of IT. If you are interested in learning more about Siemens MindSphere, head over to their official website at Conversely, those who want to learn more about Microsoft and their myriad of products and solutions can visit their official site at


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