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Minebox and Sia Join Forces to Offer Secure Data Storage

Sia, based out of Boston, has recently unveiled a collaboration with the Austrian manufacturer Minebox as a means of introducing a more secure form of decentralized cloud-based storage. The news comes only a few short months after Sia secured $750,000 in additional funding from the likes of Procyon Ventures, Raptor Group, Fenbushi Capital and Xiaolai Li.

To put it in its simplest terms, the Sia data storage framework is meant to facilitate quick storage and retrieval of large datasets. Moreover, it's designed to accomplish this in a manner that is as efficient and secure as possible. It does by taking advantage of blockchain technology in order to ensure the integrity of all stored data. The result is a platform that is far more reliable than previous, comparable service offerings from around the industry.

David Vorick, CEO and co-founder of Sia, explained how blockchain technology is set to transform the world of data storage. He was quoted as saying: "Sia wants to provide consumers and businesses with the perfect data storage solution, the one-stop shop for their files, and act as a personal cloud that will keep files secure and in their control. We have taken the power of the blockchain and combined it with file storage, proving the same benefits for files that were previously given to money - no relying on humans, no terms of service, no single points of failure. A true upgrade to how we keep our files."

The Minebox NAS represents the initial product of the new joint venture. Fully compatible with Sia's innovative data storage platform, the device gives users the ability to pick and choose where their data is stored as well as the ability to allocate free space for the generation and collection of various cryptocurrencies. Such features make the Minebox NAS a very attractive option for those who want to enjoy secure data storage and make a little bit of money at the same time.

Vlado Patrushev, CEO and founder of Minebox, spoke about the challenges faced in designing a Sia-enabled NAS. He was quoted as saying: "To create such a solution we had to make the backup process very elegant and we need to distribute the data across several nodes. Similar solutions to Minebox exist, and they can be useful, but if the device physically fails, you're done. We want to avoid solutions for backup, where the user is not in control. After evaluation of the existing peer-to-peer networks, we saw the architecture of Sia as very elegant, user-friendly and with healthy fundamentals."

Although the validity of modern cryptocurrency is a highly contested topic as of late, platforms like the Minebox NAS are making it easier than ever before to get started with digital currency. Moreover, it provides a secure and innovative means of doing so.

To find out more information about Sia, or to download their new data storage platform, please visit their website at For more details on the Minebox NAS or any of their upcoming products, feel free to visit


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