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Build and Maintain Hybrid Cloud Environments with Mirantis

From a general standpoint, there are two different cloud environments: public and private. While these terms are self-explanatory, there is a third cloud model, known as a hybrid cloud, which provides the best of both worlds. By combining the security of a private cloud with one or more services from the public cloud, the hybrid cloud environment offers a secure platform that still benefits from the customizability of public cloud services and apps.

With so many moving parts, it’s easy to see how the hybrid cloud model can quickly become overly complicated. However, thanks to a new platform known as Mirantis Flow, the hybrid cloud model is about to even more accessible than ever before.

Introducing Mirantis Flow

Mirantis Flow is a platform that relies on a series of apps and services to optimize and simplify the hybrid cloud deployment process. The very first component to be announced for Mirantis Flow, known as Mirantis Container Cloud, is already available.

Adam Parco and Shaun O’Meara, executives with Mirantis, touched on some of the benefits of Mirantis Container Cloud in a recent blog post, where they stated: “You get a completely managed service with guaranteed outcomes. Combining Mirantis Container Cloud with 24x7x365 monitoring and operations support, Mirantis Flow provides a Data-Center-as-a-Service experience that enables your developers to focus on creating and using Kubernetes and OpenStack clusters rather than managing infrastructure.”

In previous setups, companies needed to rely on a bevy of different software developers and third-party apps to meet all of their needs. With Mirantis Flow, however, IT teams will benefit from a centralized toolkit.

Moreover, all of this functionality is available through a single subscription service with Mirantis Flow. Starting at $15,000 per month, this fee covers licensing for 1,000 CPU cores, round-the-clock tech support and migration support when switching over to the Mirantis Flow platform.

Benefits of Mirantis Flow

For large enterprises that are interested in embracing the hybrid cloud model, Mirantis Flow provides a highly approachable, affordable, and efficient gateway to cloud connectivity. A recent blog post, found on Mirantis’ official website, highlights several other key benefits, including:

- A consumption-based model that gives you the resources you need – but only when you actually need them.

- Simplified licensing that offers full access to all of Mirantis’ products, including the Mirantis Container Cloud, Container Runtime, Secure Registry, Kubernetes Engine, and more.

- Switching control of your infrastructure over to the experts at Mirantis, thereby giving your development team more time for application delivery and optimization.

- Easy access to multiple cloud service providers through a single, centralized location.

Their blog post further summarized their service by stating: “Mirantis Flow provides all the benefits of public cloud and all the benefits of private cloud, but with none of the disadvantages. You get a completely managed service with guaranteed outcomes, and all it requires is a small minimum monthly commitment.”

For more information on Mirantis, or to get started using their services right away, please visit their official website at


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