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Introducing Data Storage Corporation’s Smart Archiving

A part of the Data Storage Corporation brand, Message Logic specializes in email archiving, cloud services and customer-specific solutions. While they already have a large base of clientele across the globe, their recent introduction of Smart Archiving functionality is expected to draw even more attention to organization.

Touted as an intelligent method of storing and archiving emails on a long-term basis, the recently launched MLArchiver centralizes functionality such as records management, message retention specifications, search capabilities, data analytics and supervision into a solitary solution. As such, IT officials and administrators are given much greater control over their email archiving protocol.

Moreover, MLArchiver and the Smart Archiving platform is able to automate most of the processes associated with the long-term archival of email messages. This includes automatic message collection, conversion, retention, indexing, analysis and policy governance.

Numerous complementary features are also included with the MLArchiver and the Smart Archiving solution. This includes the ability to allow employees to access their own archived messages, the option to place a legal hold on data and advanced supervision capabilities that are in complete compliance with the latest FINRA requirements.

Stephen Catanzano, executive vice president with the Message Logic division of Data Storage Corporation, explained the recent demand for a solution such as Smart Archiving. He was quoted as saying: “Corporate governance, regulatory compliance, the legal eDiscovery process, internal employee related issues, and just good business practices are driving the demand for email archiving," said Stephen Catanzano, Executive Vice President of Message Logic. "The big challenge now is to ensure that those emails being stored as permanent corporate records are not harmful to the organization. This is the genesis of our Smart Archiving.”

Furthermore, the MLArchiver has been created with cloud computing in mind. As such, the service is fully compatible with the current platforms from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air and IBM Cloud. Message Logic has also unveiled MLArchiverVM, which supports virtual cloud deployment or on-premise storage.

Victoria Piluso, part of the Marketing and Business Development team with Message Logic, explained how their service bolsters email archiving abilities on behalf of their customers. She said: “Other solutions just do not offer the capabilities needed to have an effective email archiving program," said Victoria Piluso, who is part of Message Logic's Marketing and Business Development team. "With our Cloud, Virtual software, and appliance offerings equipped with Smart Archiving, putting a cost effective program in place is simple.”

Finally, the MLArchiver Appliance is priced according to the exact amount of storage an organization requires, ultimately eliminating unnecessary or unused space and cutting down on overall IT costs. Additional purchasing options are also available, allowing an organization to pay according to their number of employees or as part of a license package.

To find out more information about Message Logic, including any of their products or services, please visit their website at If you are interested in finding out more information about their parent company, Data Storage Corporation, please visit their website at


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